Employees’ Provident Fund Registration and Activation


Public Employees Provident Fund registration is covered under the Public Provident Fund Act, 1968 for any individual regardless of whether in work who might add to this plan;

Legal Provident Fund (SPF) for Government workers;

Perceived Provident Fund for associations that utilize at least 20 workers.

The distinctive element is that the EPF isn’t limited to one business for example regardless of whether you switch your work, your EPF plan will proceed and can be moved from one manager to the next.

 It is instrumental in aiding private-area representatives to save a piece of their compensation consistently towards a retirement benefit. The sum under this plan is stored at the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

 These speculations made by a few workers towards the Provident Fund are pooled together altogether and contributed by a trust.

EPF fundamentally covers 3 plans:

Representatives’ Pension Scheme, 1995 which supplanted the Employees’ Family Pension Scheme, 1971;

Workers’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952;

Workers’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDILS), 1976.

Qualification of EPF Registration/Applicability:

The EPF plot applies to ‘each manufacturing plant occupied with any industry determined in the Schedule I’, i.e.,

Each foundation where at least 20 individuals are utilized;

Each foundation which might be told by the Central Government in the Official Gazette;

Any class of such other foundation that utilizes at least 20 workers. (It is additional material to home specialists as maintained on account of Mangalore Gandhi Beedi Workers v. Association of India.)

Accordingly, there is a two-overlap test:

Whether the foundation qualifies as a ‘manufacturing plant’?

Whether at least 20 people are utilized in the previously mentioned foundation?

EPF isn’t material to:

Relaxed or transitory specialists as they don’t qualify as a worker. (This was maintained on account of Bikaner Cold Storage Company Ltd. v. Local Provident Fund Commissioner, Rajasthan[1])

Any foundation which is enlisted under the Co-Operative Society Act, 1912.

Any Co-usable society comparable to the State wherein 50 or fewer individuals are utilized after the expiry of 5 years gave it works without the guide of force.

Further, the Central Government has the ability to exclude any class of foundation, from the EPF Rules and Scheme on grounds of their monetary position.

Reports for EPF Registration of an Employee

The reports expected for EPF enlistment are

Confirmation of the date of birth;

Joining letter;

Address Proof;

Container Card;

Compensation Receipt showing the grade and pay;

Confirmation of assignment;

Bank A/c number with IFSC code;


What is UAN (Universal Account Number)?

General Account Number (UAN) is an exceptional record number given to the representative regardless and free of the business by the Ministry of Employment and Labor working under the Government of India, to keep up with the EPF account. A representative can check the situation with his PF, check for inconsistencies in the installment, or track exercises with the Universal Account Number.

UAN assumes a vital part in the occasion where the worker switches his/her work. It empowers the exchange of the name of the business with no bias to the workers all in all correct to get EPF.

 Further, it guarantees straightforwardness and goes about as a check to guarantee that the business is persistently adding to the EPF.

UAN Registration Steps by the Employer?

The enactment of the UAN is finished by the worker and the following are the means to UAN Registration:

Stage 1: Visit https://unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo/and sign in to your record with your username and secret key.

Stage 2: Click on ‘Register-Individual’ on the ‘Part’ button of the menu bar.

Stage 3: Register your representative by filling in every one of the necessary subtleties of his/her past business.

Stage 4: Enter the OTP got on your enlisted versatile number. The framework from there on auto-fills the subtleties from your Aadhar data previously saved.

Stage 5: Submit the structure to acquire your UAN by SMS or mail.

How might you actuate your UAN?

The actuation of the UAN is finished by the representative and the following are the means to UAN Activation:

Stage 1: Visit https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/and click on ‘Initiate UAN’ under the Important Links area.

Stage 2: Enter the important subtleties like Universal Account Number or Member ID, Aadhaar Number, PAn Number, Name, Date of Birth, Registered Mobile Number, Registered E-Mail Id and CAPTCHA Code and snap-on ‘Get Authorization PIN’

Stage 3: You will get a ‘One Time Password’ on your enrolled versatile number. When the OTP is approved the UAN will be initiated.

Who deducts EPF?

EPF is deducted by the current business, given the arrangements of the EPF apply to the individual association.

 The EPF accounts at the base level are kept up with by the EPFO which is under the Ministry of Employment and Labor working of the Government of India. Consequently, however, deducted by the current business, the adjustment of the business doesn’t influence the EPF, as it is autonomous of the equivalent. 

EPF accounts are dynamic regardless of progress in work. In any case, you really want to inform your EPF subtleties to the new business with the goal that they can add to the Provident Fund Scheme. EPF is enacted each time the Employee accepts their compensation.

Commitment towards EPF :

At first, the business and the worker both contribute 12% of the essential compensation (comprehensive of the dearness stipend) of the representative to their EPF account.

 After the whole 12% of the commitment by the worker stores into the particular EPF account, the commitment of the business is separated in the undermentioned example:

3.67% (out of 12%) goes to the individual worker’s EPF account;

The excess 8.33% is redirected to the separate Employee’s Pension Scheme.

These assets of a few representatives are pooled together and contributed by a trust, in this way producing the interest of around 8% to 12% as chosen by the Government and the Central Board of Trustees.

When would we be able to pull out the EPF Amount?

As per the EPF Scheme withdrawals are allowed from the EPF account when:

The specialist is not generally connected with the association;

The specialist is jobless for quite a long time or more;

The specialist is freely utilized.

Further, the plan takes into account the trade and move of EPF on the difference in manager.

 In situations where the worker has finished 7 years of administration, they can pull out up to half of the EPF commitment, multiple times in their functioning life. It is relevant to take note of that in the undermentioned excellent cases, a representative has been permitted to pull out assets from their EPF Account:

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Marriage, whether of the representative, kin, or youngsters;

Fixes or modification of the current place of the representative;

Reimbursement of Existing Home Loan;

Clinical Treatment;

Training Purposes or needs of the representative of his/her kids;