3 Tips for a Better Internet Connection

Internet Connection

We’ve all had to endure the frustration of a slow internet connection and we all know how irritating it can be to stare at a blank screen waiting for a website to open. Today’s internet is a richer experience with more multimedia elements than ever before and this means that you need a faster and more optimized internet connection for a smoother and more pleasant online experience. Here are a few ways you can optimize your internet speed for the modern web.

Switch to Fiber Internet 

If you’re using an older connection type like cable internet or even DSL, you’ll benefit from an upgrade to your connection technology. Many areas around the country now support fiber to the home (FTTH) which offers significantly higher speeds and reliability than other connection types. In areas like O’Fallon internet speeds can be greatly increased by making this change. Typically, you can expect speeds of up to 1gbps using a fiber internet connection. Run a speed test on your current internet connection and you can see how much faster it could be with a fiber connection.

Check What’s Connected to Your Wi-Fi 

Another thing that can easily impact the speed of your internet is if there is a rogue device connected to it. It’s not unheard of that a neighbor might have figured out a Wi-Fi password and is quietly making use of someone else’s internet connection. There are a few ways you can check what devices are currently connected to your home network and make sure that it’s only you and your family making use of your internet connection.

The easiest way is to access your internet router and find the option to list all the devices that are currently connected via WiFi. Check that you recognize them all and that there aren’t any devices connected that shouldn’t be. If there are, change your Wi-Fi password and make sure the security is set to a strong option. There are usually other security options like hiding the Wi-Fi network or setting up a device filtering option so only devices you specify can access the Wi-Fi.

Upgrade Your Equipment 

Older internet routers and Wi-Fi access points might be using outdated Wi-Fi technology that is not giving you fast enough speeds to take full advantage of your internet’s speed. If your internet router is a few years old, consider forking out a few dollars to get a newer one with better speeds and newer Wi-Fi technology. If your home is on the bigger side and you find some areas don’t have as good coverage as others, you might also look at a router with a stronger Wi-Fi signal or even a mesh Wi-Fi system that will use more than one access point to improve Wi-Fi coverage.

We’re reliant on the web being fast and available to us at all times for everything from our banking needs to entertainment, gaming, video streaming, and many other uses. Spending some time making it quick and responsive will be worth it in the long run.