4 Benefits Of Using Wax Melts


Wax melts are essentially pieces of scented wax that are melted over a warmer to give off a long-lasting fragrance in its surroundings. Also known as wax cubes and wax tarts, they originate from candle makers who never knew what to do with the wax that was left over after pouring candles. While you may think that wax melts are to candles what bread crumbs are to bread, you may not be entirely wrong but the catch here is that despite their origin, wax melts are just as great as candles, and sometimes even better.

The recent popularity of wax melts has pushed retailers, boutiques, and specialty stores to stock wax melts in varying shapes, sizes, and fragrances such as those available at Village Wax Melts, given below are some of the benefits of using wax melts that have made them so popular:

Wax melts are flame-free

Wax melts do not have a wick and neither do they need a flame to melt. They are usually warmed over an electric wax melt heater that contains a tiny light bulb at its base. The heat generated from the tiny bulb is sufficient enough for the wax melt to melt over time and release its fragrance. While decorative candles also serve the same purpose as wax melts, they require a flame, and exposed flames run a risk of something else catching fire. They also do not produce any soot while burning, which is produced by candles and can harm furniture, furnishings, and upholstery that is nearby.

Wax melts can be mixed and matched

Similar to how you mix and match your favorite perfumes, you can mix and match different wax melts together to achieve a truly unique scent. Many individuals are very particular about what their home smells like and if you are one of those individuals, wax melts are super convenient as you can truly control what your home will smell like by mixing different wax melts and adding in your favorite essential oils. For larger rooms, you may have to increase the number of wax melts used, and for smaller rooms decrease it accordingly. 

Wax melts are great for the environment

As opposed to candles that come in glass casings, wax melts come in a variety of biodegradable packaging. Glass takes up to one million years to decompose and is one of the biggest contributors to global landfills, and all candles come in glass casings. You can do the environment a favor by switching your decorative candles for wax melts which only use warmers that are highly durable, last for 4 to 5 years on average, and are made of ceramic and clay. Additionally, most wax melts are made up of soy as opposed to paraffin, and the latter is bad for the environment as it originates from crude oil and is non-biodegradable. 

Wax melts are super easy to use

Wax melts are super easy to use – you can simply place your warmer anywhere in your home, apartment or office without having to worry about its proximity to paper or furnishings, and simply place your wax melts on it. People who use wax melts need not worry about the flame being a hazard for nearby items or children. After your wax melt has all of its fragrance evaporated, you may simply wipe the warmer with water and a clean towel to place a new wax melt on top of it. Wax melts are also easy to transport and make great gifts and party favors.