A Concise Guide to Organizing a Fundraiser Event

fundraising ideas

The beauty of being part of a charity fundraiser event is the sense of community and feeling of togetherness you feel and as such, organizing such an event is as beneficial to the worthy cause you are raising funds for, as it is to you and the other volunteers.

Continue reading to discover a concise guide to organizing a fundraiser event. 

Set Your Target!

Sometimes, it can feel more than a little overwhelming when tasked with organizing a fundraiser, so an excellent place to start is to work on setting a realistic, yet still ambitious financial target which you would like to be able to donate to the charity. 

Think about how much you are aiming to make, as well as who the money will benefit and also have it set clearly in the minds of you and everyone else involved, the core motivation for choosing that particular cause. 

Just a few fundraising ideas which may be suitable include:

  • Carnival 
  • Fashion show
  • Bake sale
  • Children’s treasure hunt
  • Karaoke challenge
  • Coffee morning 
  • Car boot sale 

Think About Your Audience

Obviously, the type of charity you are raising money in aid of and indeed, whether you are planning your fundraiser event as part of a corporate drive linked to the company, or simply off of your own back, all hold a significant bearing on the type of audience you are aiming on gearing your event towards. 

If you are raising money for a poorly member of the community, for example, and you are looking to recruit your family members and close friends to volunteer and help, then a more local and community-minded approach is naturally best. 

Personalize the Decorations

Whether your fundraiser involves stalls in an outdoor layout or is taking place in a hall of some kind, it is just as important to make the area look aesthetically inviting as it is to have enough entertainment and products for sale. 

The more detail and time you put into the decorations for your fundraiser, the more eye-catching it will be, so from using a custom stencil on the cakes and cookies you are selling, to having a volunteer to greet people personally at the door, all these details will certainly add up and make the event more successful. 

Find Your Ideal Venue

When looking at your venue and whittling down the possibilities into a comprehensive short-list, there are several key points to consider and it would even be advisable to have them written down so you can refer to them whilst talking to the owners or manager of the venue. 

Ask how much the venue will cost to hire and more pertinently, find out what is included in the hire fee. For example, if you will require cooking facilities, you must check these are included on the day. It would also be worth enquiring as to whether or not the venue offers a discount for entirely non-profit events and if there are any issues with accessibility for people who are less than physically able or use a wheelchair.