Avi vs. MP4: What Are the Differences?

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Digital post-production for video has completely changed the way we can produce content. For most of us, though, online videos are not a new phenomenon. We’ve been using platforms like YouTube for years, probably since middle school, and we have a pretty reasonable grasp on standards and file types, like AVI vs. MP4.

Many people are now cutting the cord to view shows and films on the go. It has created a massive shift in consumer preferences. Now, we want fast, high-quality streaming rather than sitting through buffering and lag.

Learn about AVI vs. MP4 in this article and consider which format you should use.

What Is an AVI File?

An AVI file is a video file that uses audio and video compression to store video information in a small file. This file is commonly used for storing video on the internet and personal computers. Microsoft initially developed the format in 1992, and it has since become a popular file format for videos.

What Is an MP4 file?

MP4 is a container format that can store multiple types of data. In addition to holding audio and video data, an MP4 file may also have other information, including subtitles and still pictures. MP4 files are compatible with many media players and are usually played on computers and portable devices.

AVI vs. MP4: What are the Differences

MP4 is a newer format type that offers better compression without sacrificing quality, whereas AVI is an older format type that can result in large file sizes. MP4 is a more versatile format type that can be used on various devices, whereas AVI may not be compatible with some devices.

Converting AVI to MP4 File

A video converter is a software that allows you to convert one video file format into another. There are many different video converters available, and you can find one that suits your needs by searching online. Once you have found a video converter, follow the instructions for how to use it to convert your AVI file into an MP4 file.

One of the in-demand software for converting video files is the MP4 YouTube converter. It is easy to convert files as you can paste the link from YouTube and convert it right away.

Which Video Format Is Best for You?

Both of these formats have their advantages and disadvantages. AVI files are typically larger than MP4 files and can take up more space on your hard drive. AVI files are also less widely compatible with devices and software than MP4 files.

However, AVI files usually have better quality than MP4 files. Therefore, AVI is the better option for you if you are concerned with the video quality. If you are worried about file size and compatibility, then MP4 is the better option.

Understand the Different Video Formats

In conclusion, AVI vs. MP4 file formats has several key differences. MP4 is the newer format and offers better compression, while AVI is more compatible with older media players. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference regarding which file format you prefer.

When choosing between video formats, it is essential to consider the file size, quality, and compatibility of the video. Please read our other blogs to learn more today!