Benefits of Head Massage


Head massage provides comfort and soothes the head, and feels fabulous. This massage helps reduce stress, deal with headaches, and possibly improve hair growth issues. You get the head massage at home or go for any session from an experienced therapist. 

In this article, you get the idea about the benefits of head massage and how you feel after getting a massage from an experienced therapist. 

How does Head Massage Benefits You? 

Suppose you want a head massage, then you must first be sure about which type of head massage you want to avail yourself of. Because head massage is not only for one purpose, you must consult with a massage therapist earlier if you want to reduce your headache. 

For example, massage therapists provide gentle massage services that focus on your head, sacrum, and spinal column central nervous system. This massage is beneficial to: 

  • Ease tension and stress
  • Deal with migraine and headache issues 
  • Combatting stress 
  • Provides relaxation and comfort 

If you want to massage at home, you will also get relaxation and comfort and ease stress and headache issues. Now it’s up to you how you want to benefit from head massage. 

Some other important benefits of head massage are as follows: 

1.    Better Hair Growth: 

If you face the issue of poor hair growth or your hair is thinning, you must go for scalp massage therapy from an experienced therapist. According to research or a study found in 2016, your hair thickening improves or gets better if you go for scalp massage therapy for at least 24 weeks. 

Many people face the issues of poor hair growth, so to deal with this, scalp massage is the most viable and better option to go for without any delay. 

2.    Decreases Blood Pressure: 

Scalp massage therapy benefits you greatly by easing stress and improving mental comfort and satisfaction. According to the study, the scalp massage helps females decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure issues, and the duration of such massage therapy must be between 15 to 25 minutes. 

Head massage is beneficial to improve the blood flow circulation in the whole body. Due to better blood flow circulation, you can deal with your blood vessels and neck muscle pain issues greatly. 

3.    Deals with Headache Issues: 

Due to severe headaches, stress, or tension, you feel a lot of pain in your head and neck and behind your eyes. Due to severe muscle pain and other issues, you may face headaches and stress issues. 

According to the American massage therapy association, scalp therapy benefits you in overcoming headache stress issues. Moreover, therapy helps you decrease all headache tension issues’ frequency, intensity, or duration. It may happen due to head massage relaxing impacts on the neck muscles. 

4.    Restorative Lymphatic Drainage:

The lymphatic system removes waste from the soft tissues and keeps the heart position sustainable. It assists you in maintaining nutrients and oxygen pressure in the cells. Head massage aids you in stimulating blood circulation in the body and sustains the drainage of the lymphatic system. 

Head massage is useful for lymphatic drainage to deal with swelling issues. Moreover, it is essential for effectively stimulating the whole lymphatic drainage system. 

5.    Deals with Insomnia and Tiredness Issues: 

Your sleep pattern deteriorates when you feel a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression issues. Moreover, you feel tired and deal with fatigue and insomnia problems. Whenever you go for head massage therapy from an experienced therapist, your insomnia and tiredness issue resolves or improves. 

In addition, if you want to deal with stress and depression issues, you must come up with head massage therapy; otherwise, this issue becomes severe for you with the time. 

6.    Enhance Memory Capability: 

Many people face the issues of low and imbalanced memory capability due to overthinking depressing thoughts. It happens whenever you come up with a diagnostic thought daily, and as a result, our memory usage and capability are badly impacted. 

It happens because of releasing all such toxins from the mind, creating depression issues. So, head massage therapy is effective to overcome on low memory issues and improve your memory capability. Moreover, your comfort and relaxation level are enhanced or improved. 

How Can Head Massage be Done? 

The essential point of head massage is that you can easily do it through your fingertips. If you use quality massage oil, it is most effective in dealing with your headache. 

On the other hand, you can use a scalp massaging machine instead of fingertips. This massage equipment is in rubber, hand-based brushes, and wooden massagers. These all can be utilized in place of fingertips. 

For better outcomes of head massage, must follow some of the steps or tips: 

  • First, try to sit comfortably on a massage chair or tool and ensure that the chair or stool is comfortable.
  • If you are using any oil through massage, make sure you have a towel around you so you can easily manage.
  • Start your massage by applying slight pressure on the head through fingertips or other massager equipment. If you want to use any oil, put oil on the head and do proper massage for better results.
  • Make proper movements on the whole head through a massager machine or fingertips.
  • Do massage for 5 to 10 minutes and ensure that massage can perform on the whole head. 
  • After some time, wash your head with shampoo or cleanser. 

It is the whole procedure of head massage that you perform through your own hands, but if you want better massage services, you must seek treatment from an experienced massage therapist. Experienced people provide head massage in a better way than putting your own hands to perform head massage. 


Head massage by the word may be not common or famous, but it has many benefits for dealing with stress, migraine, insomnia, and fatigue issues. Moreover, better way to optimize mental health and comfort levels. So, this massage is very important to deal with mental and hair growth issues. Additionally, it is an effective way to deal with various other health issues.