Desert Safari in Dubai: All You Need to Know


It is fun for couples, families, and people traveling alone.  There are a lot of different kinds of desert safari tours in Dubai, and to be honest, the market is full of tour companies.  But know this: the quality varies A LOT. As people who live in Dubai, we’ve been on many desert safaris, so we can tell you what to expect and how to find the right tour company.  *This post may have affiliate links, which means that if you buy something through a link I provide, I may get a small commission (at no extra cost to you).

What to Look For In Desert Safari

The desert sounds so strange. So you’ll want to see the tall buildings, interesting architecture, and some of the city’s natural sights. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long to drive from the city to the rolling sand dunes. And it’s wonderful! As you move away from the coast, the sand dunes get redder. They are beautiful, and the best way to see them is on a luxury desert safari. Believe me when I tell you that you shouldn’t leave Dubai without trying!

When to Travel

A desert safari can be set up any time of the year, but you can get some fantastic deals in July and August. But there’s a good reason for that. Let’s be honest: going to the desert in the middle of summer isn’t the most pleasant thing to do. You can do it, but you might get a little sweaty. The opportunity might not come up again.

How to Dress

Anywhere you go in Dubai, you’ll see people from all backgrounds. Some people will cover-up, while others will show too much skin. It doesn’t matter much what you wear on a desert safari; dress for comfort. On the other hand, the desert does get cooler in the winter, from November to February.


The price changes depending on which company you choose. I think it’s best to find a desert safari with prices in the middle.  Also, the quality of desert safaris has dramatically changed as the number of companies that offer them has grown.  But we have looked into it for you. Our recommendations include significant discounts… So, if you want the best deals in town, click on our links.

What’s in the Package?

On tour, you’ll be taken care of very well. All drinks and a BBQ dinner are included in the package price and transportation to and from your hotel. It’s always fun to talk to the drivers. Children as young as two or three can join in on the fun, but you’ll need to talk to the tour company to make separate plans.

The Experience of a Dubai Desert Safari

Dune Bashing

The dune bashing will be more exciting the closer you get to the show. But also, the farther back you sit in a 4×4, the more likely you are to get car sick. You get tossed around. The desert safari package includes everything listed below, except for dune buggy or motorcycle rides, if available. Before you buy the tour package you choose, you should always read the fine print.


As I said before, the red dunes are amazing, and driving a 4×4 around them is so much fun. I’m not a big fan of thrills, but dune bashing is one thing I like to do (the name of this crazy fun activity). When the driver gets to the bottom of the dunes, they let some air out of the tires and you’re off.  When it seems like the driver has lost control, he turns the wheel and puts the 4×4 back on its wheels. As I say… SO MUCH FUN!

Camel Riding

Get your balance as the camel gets up from the ground. As he moves his bulk to stand, he will throw you forward and backward.

Dune Boarding

Again, put on that board and give it another try. You’ll end up with magnificent desert sand in all the worst places. Not a big deal, right?!

Shisha Smoking

People in the area call the hookah pipes shisha. They are fun to try because they are full of moist tobacco with a fruity taste.  Again, shisha is a local activity that is part of the area’s culture.

Dancing the belly

This is always the most uncomfortable part of my evening. But then they bring up a tourist who doesn’t know what’s going on and make them dance the belly dance with them. If you don’t want to be that person, don’t make eye contact and don’t sit too close to the front. But if you like things like that, put your hand up!

What Else You Can Do on a Desert Safari

Before going dune bashing, people often practice pulling up to a small shop. A place where all the 4x4s meet up before the adventure starts. Be careful, these little shops aren’t cheap. They are a trap for tourists. Bring water with you instead!

Pictures and movies

They will take pictures and videos, which they will then put together and sell to you at the end of the night. That’s because they often cut their prices a lot before you go.

Take pictures with a Falcon.

Be aware that you should ask if the experience is paid for before a falcon is thrust into your hand. I’m not sure if this method is still used, but it seems to happen frequently in Dubai.

Dune Buggy & Quad Bikes

There are often chances to ride a buggy or quad bike at the meeting point before the dune or at the Bedouin camp. If you’d rather ride a quad bike yourself than drive a Land Cruiser over sand dunes, you might like this Desert Quad Bike Safari.

Paying the Driver a Tip

Depending on your fun, 50 to 100 dirhams are a fair price for a family. For More Visit Website