Down The Hill: Four Skiing Boots That Turn Heads

ski boots

Are you on the lookout for the latest in skiing gear? Well, there are plenty of options in the market. However, a few ski boots stand out as the best-in-class.

Before this article dives into those options, you must consider what you want from your experience. Is it comfort or sheer speed? Once you decide that, there’s also the matter of your budget. It’s preferable if you keep it slightly above the standard rates. Don’t worry—the listed options aren’t what you’d call extremely expensive

Besides, with a couple more months left in the Australian skiing season, it’s all right to be a little more generous with your gear. 

Now, without further ado, let’s see what the offerings are!

Four of the best

All the mentioned ski boots are available on multiple online portals. Even better, you won’t have any difficulty if you decide to get them shipped from overseas.

So, here are four of the most enticing options:

1. The Atomic Hawx Magna 100 

Built purely for comfort, the Atomic Hawx Magna 100 comes with Memory Fit features. This allows the inner and outer shell to adjust seamlessly to your feet each time. That could be immensely beneficial if you—what’s the word for it—have slightly thicker calves.

The inner sole or the tongue uses modified Easy Step technology, which is excellent for people with wider feet. The boots also keep the users warm through the 3M Thinsulate material. Overall, the Magna 100 caters to intermediate skiers who want a more leisurely experience. 

2. The Tecnica 110 DYN GW 

Cochise has been coming up with some incredible options as of late. The franchise’s new contribution, the Tecnica 110 DYN GW, is a fantastic option for all the freeride skiers out there.

Like some previous variants, the 110 boasts the trademark hybrid features that Cochise has delivered over the years. Simply put, you aren’t going to face any issues while trekking up that hill for your grand slide. 

The brand’s Zero G line feature has also incorporated a re-envisioned T-Ride mechanism to cater to extreme speeds. Consider opting for these boots if you are going to the backcountry soon. 

3. The Rossignol Alltrack 80 W

Designed specifically for women, the Alltrack 80 provides users with excellent maneuverability, especially during the initial hike. The boots feature a Generative Design in the shell to lower the gross weight and allow complete control over transmission speed. 

The lower shell also sports added functionality for a 50-degree circle of motion that is excellent in case you want added power during the final slide. Besides that, the Alltrack 80 is compatible with Gripwalk soles if you desire more traction during your hikes. Yet, that’s hardly necessary with all the custom features included in the design.

4. The Nordica Speedmachine 85 W 

If you thought you had seen it all when it comes to ski boots, Nordica is here to prove you wrong. The company’s most recent offering, the Speedmachine 85 W, comes jam-packed with features. The most prominent one is the built-in Thermic heating system. What does that do? Well, it allows you to adjust the internal boot temperature through your phone’s Bluetooth.

Of course, the Tri-Fit customisation helps as well. When used with the hosted Infrared Fit feature, you can quickly adjust the lining and outer shell fitting.

Consolidating everything, the Nordica 85 W leans more towards advanced female skiers who desire complete control over their gear. 

Which one’s the right fit for you?

You really can’t go wrong with any of the listed gear. As mentioned at the outset, the only thing to decide is what you want out of your skiing experience. For instance, if you are looking for a thrilling trip down the hills, the Nordica 85 W and the Tecnica 110 will be your best bets.

Conversely, the Rossignol 80 W and the Atomic Magna 100 will offer unparalleled comfort. The choice is all yours. Now, which one are you going to pick?