Ernest Khalimov: Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, and more

Ernest Khalimov

Ernest Khalimov was born in Moscow, Russia on the 1st of March 1969. As of today his age, he is 52 years old. He began his career as an exercise model and bodybuilder from Russia. He currently lives in Russia and continues to job as a bodybuilder in Russia as a well-known model, known for his attractive appearance, muscular physique and a super slim jawline.

He has put in a lot of effort to reach the level he is at in the world today. Although he has been the subject of many controversy in the past and present, with his unwavering effort and determination, he has been able to dominate social media with a massive fans who go over the man.

What is the name of Ernest Khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov who is also known as Sophie GigaChad is a very well-known Russian fitness model bodybuilder, fitness trainer, Internet personality, and an entrepreneur. His birthplace was in Moscow, Russia, and gained fame when he appeared in the project Sleek’N’Tears as a model sporting an ideal jawline and strong body.

Ernest Khalimov Wiki:

Birthdate:1st March 1969
Name:Ernest Khalimov
(as of 2022): (as as of 2022):52 years old
Hometown:Moscow, Russia
Zodiac sign/ Star sign:Pisces
(approximately): Height (approximately):7 feet 8 in
Weight (approx. ):99 kg
Body dimensions:35 – 28 to 36 inches
Eye color:Light brown, mostly
Hair color:black
Net Worth:One million (approx.)

Ernest Khalimov Biography:

Ernest khalimov, aka GigaChad is born in Moscow, Russia on the 1st March 1969. As of today the time of writing, his age is 52 years old. Born to Russia is where he’s lived and is of Russian nationality. Its zodiac signs are Pisces and he is a follower of Christianity.

The show SLEEK’N’TEARS claims the GigaChad has a modeling career who lives in Russia however, there’s been a type of insignificant presence of his name online, whether on the social networks or the web. He has not been seen on the web or in the public spotlight has made many believe that GigaChad or Ernest Khalimov was not real and is instead an imaginary character. There are numerous evidences to back this claim.

Krista Sudmalis is believed to have taken a photo of the boyfriend Artur Farad to look like GigaChad in the sense that a photo of GigaChad became viral in the year the year 2017 and featured a tattoo that was placed on her stomach’s bottom and it was discovered to be very similar to Artur’s body, consequently, rumors of a similarity were speculated. In addition, just recently, there was a comment posted by GigaChad to Instagram to denounce the rumors of his death.

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Ernest Khalimov Education:

We don’t currently know anything regarding the details of his educational background including the place he attended his college education, where he went to school and his top qualifications. We’ll update this page as soon as we have more details.

Education QualificationsN/A

The Height of Ernest Khalimov and the Weight

He is very tall. His the height is 2.03 meters, which is approximately 6 foot and 8 inches. He weighs in at around 99 kilograms i.e. 218.25 lbs. He is a well-known exercise model from Russia and his muscular physique and jawline that is sharp makes him attractive even at 52 years old.

Ernest Khalimov Family:

At present, we don’t have any details about his family . However, we’ll update this page once we get more details.


Ernest Khalimov Career:

Ernest Khalimov rose to fame following his appearance on the project Sleek’N’Tears as a model who had an ideal jawline and strong body. He is a well-known Russian athlete, bodybuilder guru online personality, and businessman. His physique earned him lots of fame in the form of fame, name, and a good reputation.

He has been featured in a variety of catalogs, shoots, and menswear and has helped make him a much-loved persona in Russia and online. Ernest is known by the name of GigaChad. He has an Instagram account under his name Berlin. In 1969. Ernest is certainly plenty of recognition and fame , however his life has also been a bit of controversial for one reason or another.

At first, there was rumors regarding GigaChad being an imaginary character, and not an actual person, However, these speculations were disproved later. There were also rumors regarding the death of GigaChad that were speculations. These rumors were denied from Ernest himself in a lengthy Instagram note.

Ernest Khalimov Death Rumors:

There were a variety of rumors regarding the death of Ernest Khalimov. According to the fake stories, GigaChad died in a devastating automobile accident. The rumors that Ernest died due to a fatal car crash were spread like an erupting forest. However, those were just rumors. Ernest is alive and healthy.

Ernest Khalimov is alive and doing extremely well. He appears to be working the fitness model career and is very busy living his life. In attempt to dispel the rumors of his death, Ernest took to Instagram and wrote a long message to make his fans feel better who were devastated to hear of his death speculations. Ernest expressed his gratitude to them for their support and wishes for a happy new year.

Ernest Khalimov Relationship

Ernest Khalimov i.e. GigaChad has always attempted to keep his life private regarding his relationships details as well as his relationship status and even boyfriends. In addition, since he is pretty quiet online, people have been asking him about being genuine or fake. GigaChad has not spoken out about his siblings, his family or his girlfriend.

The media has not seen him with any woman in recent times. He is thought to be primarily concentrated on his fitness work and not entangled in shady relationships and other stuff. We can summarize the whole thing up by saying that Ernest appears to be single.

Marital StatusN/A

Ernest Khalimov On Social Media:

Ernest is a well-known bodybuilder and exercise model who earns the bulk of his income through online and offline appearances and brand endorsements made for different brands. Also, he earns his income from being a well-known Instagram star with thousands of loyal and loyal users on Instagram.

The number of followers in the Instagram and the looks that he creates for various brands of men’s clothing can allow him to make thousands of dollars immediately.

Ernest Khalimov who is GigaChad also has an Instagram account with his name Berlin. in the year 1969. The bio for this account included the words “The only account that is on this Network. Yes, I’ve was aware of the memes you create for your friends”. The page has 293k followers and just 18 posts.


The Physical Image of Ernest Khalimov

The height (approximately):7 feet 8 in
Weight (approx. ):99 kg
Body dimensions:35 – 28 to 36 inches
Eye color:generally light brown
Hair color:black

Ernest Khalimov Memes:

Earnest Khalimov Gigachad was popular via the Internet after People Started Making memes of his popular photos. There are many memes about Gigachad available online on the Internet.

The net worth of Ernest Khalimov is:

Although he’s not an active participant on social media and does not seem to be posting frequently, the fact is that he does have an impressive brand worth. According to different sources the net worth of her is believed to be around 1 million $.

The pictures and posts are attractive enough to make many people to. Ernest is certainly a muscular man, and the content that he posts through the Instagram account is truly great and worth looking at. Ernest is a well-known fitness model who keeps working on himself, even at his 52.

His commitment to his job and love of fitness is awe-inspiring. We congratulate Ernest for his accomplishments and wish him the success in all of his future endeavours.

Interesting Facts About Ernest Khalimov:

  • Does Ernest Khalimov smoke? It is not known.
  • Does Ernest Khalimov drink alcohol? It is not known.
  • Many believe that he’s not due to his beautiful body.
  • He gained fame after appearing on GigaChad memes.
  • Khalimov isn’t as active socially , but he does have an Instagram account that has 743K followers (Last checked on January 1, 2022).
  • Ernest is an excellent illustration of a man who is all-inclusive in regards to masculine attractiveness.
  • After completing his university studies and completing his higher studies, he began working as fitness model.

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Questions about Ernest Khalimov:

The person who is known as Ernest Khalimov.

Ernest Khalimov who is also known as Sophie GigaChad is a very well-known Russian bodybuilder, fitness model and fitness trainer. He is also an Internet persona and businessman.

Where was Ernest Khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov was born in Moscow, Russia.

What is the maximum height of the Ernest Khalimov?

The height of Ernest Khalimov is 6 feet and 8 inches tall.

Which is the Instagram ID of Ernest Khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov’s Instagram ID (@volgograd. 1972)

What is the average age that Ernest Khalimov is?

Ernest Khalimov’s age was 53 (As as of 2022).

What is the Net Worth of the Ernest Khalimov?

His net worth is one million USD roughly.

What is the occupation for Ernest Khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov is a Bodybuilder as well as a fitness trainer and model.

What is the status of the relationship with Ernest Khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov is not married to date.

What is nationality? Ernest khalimov?

Ernest khalimov(gigachad) Nationality is Russian.

What do you think of the weight of Ernest Khalimov?

Ernest Khalimov’s weight is 99 kilograms.


Ernest Khalimov who is also known as Sophie GigaChad is a very well-known Russian bodybuilder, fitness model as well as a fitness instructor, Internet businessman, and personality. The Russian was raised in Moscow, Russia, and became famous after his appearance on the show Sleek’N’Tears as a model sporting an ideal jawline and powerful body.