Final Review of Asana Pricing vs Trello Pricing


The Asana software is created with the vision to simplify workflows no matter how complicated they are. It is named after a yoga pose that focuses on cultivating stillness to bring rhythm to the chaos around. On the other hand, Trello is a Kanban-style software that will help you manage your projects as well as. Check out the difference between Asana pricing vs Trello pricing.

Asana Pricing  

The Asana software is considered one of the best choices when it comes to agile project management. It does not only support users through its features but also the pricing plans that can accommodate teams of all sizes: Click here to check the complete detail of Asana pricing.


The basic pricing option listed on Asana can be used for individual task management or for startup work management. Users can create and manage unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, and unlimited activity logs. Additionally, users receive unlimited file storage to maintain their data, access it whenever required, and share it with each other.  

You can also list view projects for a quick overview or board view them so you can see as many details as are important. The calendar view also shows you the upcoming events so that you can work according to the deadlines. You can assign tasks to team members and set due dates for project delivery as well.  

You can maximize your potential by integrating apps and tools that provide increased management with time tracking and communication.  


The cost of the premium Asana features is $10 and it can be used to access the timeline view of the project. Furthermore, you can build your workflow by adding custom details to your assignments. The options to add unlimited dashboards let you manage different projects with a special focus on their particular aspects. 

You can also run detailed reports to get information about assignees, custom fields, and more. Likewise, the project brief and project overview let you check the development and status to make informed decisions.  

There are special features like forms for customized intake of tasks, the option to set due dates, and milestones too.  


The pricing of the Asana business plan is $24 and it has all of the features that are part of the premium. In addition, you can manage project portfolios to monitor specific information about each. The custom rules builder can help you administrate projects too.  

Approvals ensure that each completed task passes through relevant people who approve it so that it can become part of the final product. Meanwhile, form branching and customization will help you generate information that is relevant and establish your relationship with clients at the same time. 

The business pricing option can also be integrated with tools such as Salesforce, Power BI, and Adobe Creative Cloud.  


The enterprise option is also available so you can apply the tools to your organization and maintain proper control and security. The Asana pricing is not available on the website but this information can be requested easily.  

Asana Demo  

The website features an Asana demo that is only 2 minutes long. You can get a quick overview of the features and see how you can use the app as a companion for your project management requirements.  

According to the Asana reviews, this software is all the rave for turning complex remote project management into manageable workflows.  

Trello Pricing  

The following are the Trello pricing plans available for users: 


This plan is entirely free of cost and can be used to create unlimited cards to maintain information and ensure that everything is visible to you. Furthermore, it can be used to create up to 10 boards per workspace.  

When it comes to integrations, the sky is the limit. You can access a plethora of power-ups per board. You can also rest assured that all the important information is stored on the software with unlimited file storage.  

You can run up to 250 workspace commands on a monthly basis. You can also create a customized workspace with backgrounds and stickers that are in correspondence with your business too.  

For each task, you can assign members who will be taking on specific tasks. Similarly, you can set due dates to ensure that the deadlines are being met.  


The standard plan costs around $5 and it is able to provide numerous advanced features. For instance, you can create checklists as well as set custom fields. There are over 1,000 workspace commands possible each month. Meanwhile, you can get single-board guests so that information on a board can be shared with people who are not part of the team.  


The Trello software pricing of the premium is able to provide a wider range of tools. It costs $10 and provides a robust range of advanced features. For instance, it integrates visual management tools like: 

  • Dashboard view 
  • Workspace table view 
  • Calendar view 
  • Timeline view 
  • Map view 
  • Timeline view 

The premium pricing plan can be used to run unlimited workspace commands too. Although limited it has a diverse range of features for admin control whereas the security range is wider too. The workspace-level templates will help you customize and shape your projects in a more detailed manner. 


The enterprise pricing option is estimated to be $17 and you need a minimum of 25 users to be able to access this plan. It will provide unlimited workspaces, organization-wide board visibility, and attachment permissions.  

Since the goal of this plan is to simplify work for large-scale businesses, you can rely on it for multi-board guests, public board management, and power-up administration too. 

Trello Demo 

The Trello demo is also available on the official website thus making it accessible for everyone. It is a brief insight into the product to help you understand the Trello project management system and its usage.  

Generally, the Trello reviews show that users are satisfied with the service and it is able to match the expectations set by the software too.