Five Sustainable Gifts to Show Appreciation for Your Employees

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Valuing and Respecting Personnel and the Environment
When you can show employees you care about the environment and their best interests, that tends to have a positive outcome for the business. Along those lines, if you’re looking for cutting-edge gifts that send the right message, are good for the environment, and provide real value, we’ll explore a few alternatives along those lines here.

1. Water Filters Are a Game Changer
Water filters are good for the environment as they reduce reliance on water bottles and the plastic they make necessary. Also, water filters make the sort of water people drink more healthy. A “Zero Water” filter can get all the heavy metals, chemicals, and other compounds out of the water so it’s pure and healthy. Tap water can contain all kinds of bad substances.

2. Small Solar Panels Are Affordable and Useful
You can find solar panels that are under $50, and are perfect for charging a smartphone or a smartwatch, or even some smaller laptops. These provide emergency energy in a pinch and help cut down on grid electric use. Also, employees can save a few pennies here and there using such portable panels, and they’re an interesting novelty in addition to all that.

3. Don’t Neglect to Consider the Feminine Angle in Varying Gifts
You’ve got to be extremely careful when it comes to gifts given to females in the office owing to the connotation behind such gifts. In a lot of circumstances, even something with no romantic intent is seen to have such an undertone. Thankfully, eco-friendly gifts for females tend to outpace such connotations owing to the cultural imperative they represent.

An eco-friendly gift at once communicates care for the person who is the recipient, care for the environment, and a mild admonishment to do better in one’s daily life. That last part is something no strategic individual trying to court another would dream of. So for employees, even if gifts differ, it’s unlikely ladies on staff will get the wrong idea.

If you give ladies something like a reusable supermarket bag, a flashlight that can make illumination from water, or a wind-up radio, in all likelihood such gifts will be well-received.

4. Lights That Use Gravity as Energy
Gravity lights are really cool, simple, and good for the environment. They work on the same principle as a cuckoo clock.

Basically, a weight is used to provide pressure in a way that produces electricity. As the weight is pulled up, the light shines. When it dims, you simply reset the weight and the process starts again. These are sustainable, energy-saving devices that are worth it.

5. Window Garden Kits

These tend to be a little bit more expensive than some of the other items on this list, but they end up being a win-win for everyone if you can build up enthusiasm about actually putting them to work. Indoor garden kits help “teach a man to fish”, as the saying goes.

Like tattoos or art, one successful gardening product often awakens a desire for further victories in this area. Sometimes such kits spur people on to develop a real garden on their property. For others, apartments are their only living option, and an indoor kit is the only hope they have for such fresh produce.Showing That Your Business Supports Staff and the Environment
Window garden kits, gravity lights, reusable supermarket bags, lights that derive energy from water, small portable solar panels, and water filters are all fine gifts you can give your employees. These gifts are good for the environment, good for the health of your staff, and they will also save them a little bit of money here and there.