Gene Bernshtam – An Insight into Classic Car Collection and Restoration 


Several people wish to have their classic car collection. However, a few can attain their dreams in reality. Several car enthusiasts fail to establish their car collection because they do not have the proper education and knowledge to properly collect the cars they like. However, the task is not impossible if you are aware of specific tips to help you to get started. What are these tips for those interested in creating their car collection? 

Gene Bernshtam- getting started with your classic car collection

Gene Bernshtam is a commercial real estate property development expert, a collector of classic cars, and an active auto restoration specialist. Besides the above, he is an experienced professional in business, economics, and finance. He is known for his corporate skills and has valuable experience in these fields. He owns a blog site where he shares important information about these topics in today’s world. 

According to him, when it comes to the essential tips for those interested in starting their classic car collection, they are as follows- 

  1. Know why you want to have the classic car collection- Before you acquire your first classic car, know the reasons why you like it? Do you wish to keep it as an investment or a display? When you own a fleet of classic cars, you need to give them a lot of commitment, time, and effort. They need to be looked after well, and you should have some classic car restoration knowledge with a budget to keep them in good condition. 
  • Storage of the car is essential- You need to ensure that the vehicle is stored correctly as it will protect you from spending a lot of money on its maintenance. At the same time, you need to consider the storage logistics for your car collection. The area you dedicate for it should be close to your home and maintained well. You should access it easily as well. 
  • Choose your focus- As a collector of classic cars, you can choose cars made by the same manufacturer or cars made from the same era. If you know the sort of cars you should collect will add additional value to your collection. 
  • Connect and network with other car collectors- You can get credible advice from other collectors of classic cars when you start as a beginner. They will have the experience and knowledge to help you find out about the best deals and shops. Of course, personal research and education also matter, but it does help to take some extra advice. 

According to Gene Bernshtamyou should be aware of your levels of commitment as a car collector, and for this, you need to employ professional mechanics for their maintenance. Before buying the car, know about its past and where it has been. Being a DIY collector of cars is time-consuming, so stay educated and informed. When you have the right information a disposal you will be better prepared to take the right decision.