Helping a Relative Choose an Assisted Living Facility – 4 Things to Consider

Assisted Living Facility

Helping an older relative move into an assisted living facility might be necessary if they are having problems living independently such as requiring more care than can be provided at home or struggling to maintain their home alone. Assisted living is an ideal choice for seniors who would like to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible but have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that somebody is there to provide help and support to them when they need it. 

Finding and moving into the right assisted living facility is a process that can involve considering lots of different factors. Some of the main things to think about before you choose the right assisted living facility for your senior relative include:


Where the facility is located might be something that is important to both you and your relative. Choosing assisted living such as Belmont Village Dallas if you live close by, for example, might be a great option for the both of you as it will allow for frequent visits and for your relative to stay in a location that they are familiar with. On the other hand, for some individuals, moving to an assisted living facility might be a chance for them to move to an area that they have always wanted to live in. 

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Accommodation Types

Consider the types of accommodation that are on offer and what your relative might prefer. Assisted living facilities offer various types of accommodation from private rooms to full apartments or even small homes and bungalows. Talk to your relative about what kind of accommodation they feel would be the best option for them in terms of both personal preference and what they will be able to afford. 


It’s crucial to think about the cost of the various assisted living communities that you are exploring before you decide on the right one for your senior relative. In general, assisted living facilities charge a flat fee to residents that covers everything that is offered, but this can vary depending on the accommodation type, the location, and the type of facilities and activities offered on site. Put a budget together with your relative to figure out how much they can comfortably afford and work out their must-haves and nice-to-haves to help them ensure that they are not going to paying for anything that they don’t need. 


If your relative has pets, then this might also be worth considering before you decide. Lots of assisted living facilities will allow, and even encourage pets as they can be good for seniors’ mental health and wellbeing. If your relative has a pet that they want to take with them, it’s worth finding out more about any assistance that they may be able to receive with this such as a dog walking or pet-sitting service. 

While there are lots of things to think about before you and your senior relative make the decision on which assisted living facility is best for them, these are just some of the major factors to keep in mind when looking.

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