How Hosted PBX System’s Click-to-Call Functionality Saves Agent Time?


Communication is the key to business success and growth. In this ever-evolving business world, businesses must provide their customers with exceptional services to remain competitive in the marketplace. And this can only be achieved by investing in the right tools and technologies.

No matter whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, adopting a Hosted PBX system can help. It can help you improve customer service while saving a lot of money and time with its Click-to-Call feature. To learn more about what exactly click to call is and how it benefits your business, keep reading this post further!

Click-to-Call- An advanced telephone solution feature

Click to call, also known as Click to dial, is an advanced telephone solution feature. It’s a type of digital communication that enables call center agents to connect with customers by just clicking the numbers.

Hosted PBX System Click-to-Call feature is one of the most important features that add to your agents’ productivity by cutting all their manual tasks. In simple words, the feature allows customers to receive a call from your business by just dropping their number on your business’ app or website.

As per Business Wire, the global market for Click-to-Call solutions is growing at a CAGR of over 18% and is expected to reach $47.2 trillion by 2027. At the start of the pandemic, it weighed in at $14.7 trillion. The Click-to-Call feature comes with several benefits that significantly contribute to the overall success and growth of your business. Let’s find out what these benefits are:

How Click-to-Call Functionality Saves Agent’s Time?

Click-to-Call functionality comes with a lot of features that enable the call center agents to work efficiently. Some of these features include:

  • No manual dialing: Call center agents don’t need to dial the numbers manually and can reach their customers with just a few clicks.
  • Call recording: All the calls between agents and customers are recorded for future reference which helps businesses to make informed decisions.
  • Conversation tracking: Agents can easily track customer communications and reasons for calling.
  • Unlimited channels: With the help of this functionality, the call center agents can have multiple parallel calls using the same number.
  • Detailed reporting: This lets agents analyze the effectiveness of their call extensions to avoid call failures and save time.
  • CRM integration: This feature allows agents to seamlessly communicate between the CRM software and other software, which increases agents’ productivity.

How Click-to-Call Functionality Benefits Businesses?

The customer-facing department of a business is the first point of contact between the company and customers. This is why businesses need to empower their teams with the right set of tools that helps them excel and drive better results. The Click-to-Call functionality of a Hosted PBX System offers several benefits that significantly improve the overall business performance. We’ve listed a few of the top benefits here. Take a look!

Boosts Agent Productivity

With the help of Click-to-Call functionality, your call center agents can easily prioritize existing customers and potential buyers. The unique features of this functionality such as call tracking allow agents to capitalize on each fresh lead and instantly improve the customer experience. Undoubtedly, targeting the customers you already know is much easier than guessing about those you don’t know.

Take calls with more context

By enabling Click-to-Call, all the conversations with leads get automatically logged into the CRM solutions and VoIP platform, in case a business is using it. In addition to this, the agents can easily access all the previous communications associated with a particular customer while placing a call.

Improves customer experience

Customers usually get irritated when their calls aren’t answered which ultimately leads to churn. Click-to-Call functionality provides customers with a seamless experience by reducing their efforts of getting in touch with the support team. For existing customers, this feature maximizes the lead conversions of existing customers.

Helps resolve queries in real-time

As mentioned above, the customers expect a quick response. With the help of Click-to-Call functionality on the Hosted PBX System, the response time and the call resolution time can be drastically reduced. Even for most queries, the agents can provide resolution on the first call itself which ultimately improves the FCR rate.

Boosts call connect rate

The Click-to-Call functionality provides call center agents with a detailed customer journey. Therefore, it’s no longer a challenge for agents to understand everything about a specific customer, from their needs and preferences to their geographical location and purchasing habits. Having access to complete contact information about prospects, the agents have the leverage to connect with a lead through more contact points. This as a result increases the chances of securing more conversions.

Interested in Click-to-Call?

Now that you’ve seen that using Click-to-Call for call centers plays an important role in boosting your agents’ productivity, saving time, and reducing operational costs, go ahead to integrate one in your call center.

If you’re looking for a Hosted PBX System for your business, HoduPBX by HoduSoft can be the best choice for you. It is crafted carefully to empower businesses to enhance customer experience, elevate employee engagement, and meet their specific needs. In addition to Click-to-Call, this software is packed with several other features like video call, call screening, call forwarding, call barging, and many others.