How to Prep for a Long Plane Ride with Kids

in-flight entertainment

If you are considering a vacation to benefit from a warmer climate as fall starts to take hold, the chances are that it will require a long plane journey to get there. Long flights can be grueling at times, and it can be surprising just how tiring sitting still for extended periods of time can be on your mind and body. If your long plane journey involves taking your kids with you there is the added challenge of keeping them happy and entertained. It is a fact that most children can become bored quickly and this can become a real issue during long flights. No one wants to be sat near a child in the middle of a temper tantrum or crying throughout the flight. Whilst sometimes this is unavoidable, especially for very young children, such situations can be minimized with some careful preflight planning. This article explores three ways to keep a long flight as pleasant as possible when flying with your kids.

Consider entertainment

Whilst many airlines offer in-flight entertainment on their planes such as built-in TVs with a range of films and music, this may not be guaranteed for every airline, especially if you are flying in economy class. It is well worth checking out the in-flight entertainment options offered on your flight to see if there are suitable activities for your children to pass the time during a long flight. In addition, it is wise to pack some small toys, books, or games in the onboard bags just to increase the range of options to keep the kids occupied. Coloring books or puzzle books are an excellent choice for younger children. Also, remember that phones can be operated in “flight mode” during a journey so it can be wise to download some games that can be played offline if your children are at a suitable age for this.

Bring sweets and snacks

Most travelers are aware of the high prices that are charged for in-flight food and snacks. In such a captive market, the costs of sweets and drinks for children can quickly become expensive on a long flight with several food trolley services. It is far better to pack a range of snacks in your cabin luggage and share them around with your family at regular intervals. Here are some of the best snacks to pack for long flights. On a practical level, taking chewing sweets or snacks for children can also help their eardrums to deal with the pressure changes during takeoff and landing thanks to the swallowing and chewing action.

Dress for comfort

As a final tip, it can be hugely beneficial for both kids and their parents to dress for comfort on long flights. Extended periods of sitting can be uncomfortable in tight-fitting or irritating clothing. Give full consideration before the flight on what to wear on a plane to ensure that the journey is as comfortable as possible. Remember that wearing multiple layers of comfortable clothing is a clever strategy. You may be flying from a cold climate to a warmer one and the temperature on a plane can get quite cold when flying at altitude. Layers that are easy to put on and take off whilst being comfortable to wear will help ensure that the flight is a pleasurable experience.