How to Start Your Career in Data Analytics

How to Start Your Career in Data Analytics

Data analytics is not only a fascinating and entirely immersive field in which to enter, but with the takeover of computing and computer technologies when it comes to collating, recording and analyzing data, such professionals are very much in demand.

So, whether you have been wanting to move into data analytics for a while now and are currently working in a different area, or else are still at college or university and are simply planning your career, then continue reading.

Here is how to start your career in data analytics. 

Necessary Skills for Data Analysis Applicants 

Alongside the numerous required personality attributes and traits required to forge a successful and long career as a data analyst, there are also three fundamental disciplines which you will be required to not only familiarize yourself with, but to learn. 

  1. Python

For the vast majority of data analyst roles, including the majority of those listed later on in this article, a comprehensive understanding of Python is an applicant requirement. 

Python is the most common data language used for programming in the entire world and as such is a vital element of your study. 

  1. Data Visualization Skills

Employers are looking for people who can effectively cope with how their company handles and processes data and information from a variety of sources. Therefore, they will be looking for applicants who can demonstrate that they can visualize data efficiently.

Moreover, applicants should also be able to communicate their findings in an efficient manner and you may well be tested on such skill sets during an interview. 

  1. Structured Query Language (SQL)

Quite obviously, working with different sources of data every day is a crucial part of data analysis, and as such you will need to be fully versed in SQL.

Structured Query Language is a language specifically applicable to data and the collation, collection and reading of it, and it is essential you learn it. 

Reasons to Study Data Analytics

The Master of Science Degree in Data Analytics will make you highly sought after amongst employers who are looking for forward thinking graduates who are passionate about data collation and analysis. 

There are numerous reasons why you should consider studying data analytic at university, not least because this is the surefire way to give yourself the best possible chance of a career. Other key benefits of studying data analytics include rising job opportunities, highly competitive salaries and the ability to work in a wide plethora of differing industries. 

Career Paths Within the Field of Data Analytics

Even if you are well-schooled in the importance of data analysis in the modern world of business, you may still be shocked to learn of just how diverse the different industries are who require professional data analysts. 

Just a selection of the higher-paid careers which a degree in data analytics would be not only perfect for, but downright necessary, include the following:

  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • Operations Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Analysis
  • IT Systems Analysis
  • Transportation Logistics