Points to consider while looking for a yoga teacher training academy

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Yoga is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Because of the increasing workload and personal issues, people are facing many problems. This puts a direct impact on mental and physical strength. Yoga helps in overcoming all these issues. Yoga can bring freshness to our lives and helps in creating a positive environment around us. Many have observed that yoga has helped them in transforming their lives into good. This has improved their physical and mental health.

Seeing this, many people have started practicing and learning yoga from yoga teacher training courses. Many schools and academies are helping in learning yoga. This helps in building a successful career in yoga. You can be easily positioned as a yoga instructor, yoga teacher, hybrid yoga instructor and yoga presenter. Yoga is a great way to stay in shape and helps in improving physical health. Yoga is an art and science which helps in harmonizing mind, body and soul. It will help in connecting a thread between mind and body. Just make sure to choose the right yoga teacher training academy. Search well for it on online platforms to get the best one of all. Look for the courses, fees and eligibility to know better about yoga teacher training.

Following are some of the points to consider while looking for a yoga teacher training academy:

  • Experience of the academy– It is important to go with those who have a good experience in this field. The best teaching academy will have advanced yoga courses through its team of dedicated yoga teachers. The experienced academy will offer complete and transformational yoga teacher training programs to help the candidates to grow.
  • Reputation- Know that reputation and a good name will help you to grow in this field. Getting certified by a reputed academy will open up good opportunities. This will help you to be successful in this career as a teacher or instructor. A reputed academy will help you in attracting some good opportunities, making sure you will be successful in future.
  • Curriculum- Make sure to check the curriculum before selecting one. It is important to look at this on an online platform. Make sure it should include different techniques, training and practice of yoga, yoga poses, alignment, modifications, injury prevention, and static and dynamic versions of asana. Some modern yoga techniques and poses should also be added to the curriculum to make it more vast. The curriculum should depend upon the level of a candidate like a beginner, intermediate or expert. It is important that the yoga teacher training academy is deeply rooted in the traditional way of teaching yoga. This will keep the essence of yoga alive. 
  • No of students- While selecting the course, know about the number of students in each course. This will help you to know whether individual attention will be given or not. Small group or individual attention should be preferred for better learning. 
  • Duration and place- Check these details on their online platform for more clarity. Check the duration of the program and choose the one which you think suits you the most. Ask for the intake dates for the program you are interested in. Also, check where the course or program is being held. 

So above are some points one should always consider while choosing a yoga teacher academy school. One of the best yoga TTC is ‘Sattva Yoga Academy.’ They are best known for its 300 hour yoga TTC in Rishikesh. They have good years of experience in yoga teacher training. They have the expertise to transform you into a professional yoga teacher or instructor.