Ronald Phillips New York – What Are the Grounds for Divorce in The State?  


In the USA, divorce laws differ from state to state. If you are based in New York and wish to dissolve your marriage, you must contact a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer to take up your case legally. You first need to present to a competent court of law your ground for divorce. Being aware of the divorce laws in New York will help you file your case on the ground that is applicable to you.

Ronald Phillips is an esteemed divorce lawyer from Nyack, New York, in the United States. He has a lot of experience of working in the legal industry for several years. His areas of specialization include domestic relations, collaborative practice, dispute resolution, trial practice, and legal writing. He is known for his strong entrepreneurship skills and has graduated from St. John’s University School of Law. Besides work, he also has a keen interest in sports.

Grounds for divorce in New York

According to Ronald Phillips New York, the following are the grounds for divorce in the state-

  1. Cruel treatment.
  2. If one party has abandoned the other for a period of more than one year.
  3. Confinement of one of the parties to the marriage in prison for more than three years after the date of the marriage.
  4. Adultery.
  5. Living apart under a decree for separation for more than one year after a competent court of law has granted such judgment or decree.
  6. Living apart or in separation after a written agreement for separation has been signed by both the parties to the marriage for more than one year after signing it.
  7. The relationship between the parties to the marriage has irretrievably broken down for at least six months, subject to one of the parties stating the above under oath. (This is a No-Fault ground for divorce in the state.)

Cost of a divorce in New York

When it comes to the costs of a divorce in New York, every case is different. Some cases can even go up to hundred- thousands of dollars. However, New York is the last state to have enacted the No-Fault ground for divorce, and so the process is routine and hassle-free for both parties to the suit today.

Choose your lawyer

Before choosing your lawyer for the divorce process, it is important to check on credentials and past records. It is prudent for you to meet the lawyer personally with your doubts and questions. You can also read reviews of the lawyer before you hire him/her for your case. In this way, you can assess the comfort levels with your lawyer and later decide whether to hire him/her for your case or not.

According to Ronald Phillips New York, it is very important for you to choose a lawyer with proven track records and experience in the field of divorce. In this way, you are effectively able to sail through the procedure and filing of paperwork in court smoothly.