The benefits of using guest posting as a blogger outreach strategy

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It is one of the primary obstacles for newer bloggers and businesses to get their website in front of an interested audience. Strong social media marketing plans and organic reach are great ways to build brand awareness but may take a while to generate any legitimate traffic to your site.

Are there any quick ways to increase traffic? Consider guest posting. Bloggers have used this tool for years, and it remains a reliable way of attracting new audiences. In this post, we’ll discuss guest posting’s key benefits, who you should approach, and how to ensure your pitch is accepted.

Guest posting is often viewed with scepticism. Submitting your article to another blog (usually for free) seems counterintuitive when you could be spending that time on your blog instead. Guest posts have several advantages as below:

Attract new audiences

By posting only on your blog, you will always be targeting your audience (however big or small it may get overtime). By writing guest posts for other blogs, you can raise brand awareness among an audience that may not know you as well as you know them.

Establish your authority

Today, quality articles are in high demand online, especially since so much waffle is being published. Choose websites that provide authoritative information on a particular subject and where you can also demonstrate your expertise. Your authority in your field will be built by submitting evergreen, informative content to reputable websites.

Make your site more traffic-generating

You can improve your website’s traffic by having guests post. You won’t just have a link back to your site live the day your guest post goes live either – your link will live for months, or even years in some cases, along with that guest post. You’ll reap the benefits of that traffic to your website if your post is successful – giving your potential new audiences a chance to see what else you have to offer.

Boost your search engine ranking with these tips

You will also see a positive impact on your SEO performance if you blog as a guest. In turn, this will raise the authority of your website as a result of creating a valuable backlink to yours. This is a fact many scam companies take advantage of, so carefully examine any requests for guest posts from blogs that relate to your niche if someone contacts you.

Information about who to contact

Guest posting can be very rewarding if you pitch the right blogs. If you want to pitch for guest posts, you will need to know who you want to contact and how to locate them before you start reaching out to everyone and anyone. The following points should be kept in mind when thinking about who to guest post for:

You shouldn’t target your competitors

It’s not a good idea to guest post for your competitors. Getting sucked into your niche may seem obvious, but it is easy to do.

Think about the other interests your target audience has that are related to your blog. A freelance writing blog, for example, would be able to provide a valuable post to someone who blogs about digital nomad lifestyle, or other freelance careers. Begin by considering your audience.

Aim for prestigious blogs

Trying to pitch to large authority websites when you’re just getting started can be unrealistic. It’s still important to remember that you want to guest post for websites that will elevate your brand awareness and audience reach, so write for a blog with the appropriate audience size.

Consider writing for blogs with more readership than yours or blogs with a similar readership but in a different niche. It will benefit the blogger more if you write for smaller blogs than your own, and may not be the best use of your time.

Ensure that they accept guest posts

Additionally, it’s a good idea to make sure the website you’re considering accepts guest posts. There is usually a category for guest posts, or you can search “guest post” on the website to see what comes up. Don’t waste your time contacting websites that don’t accept guest posts.

Find opportunities to write guest posts

To ensure you don’t waste your time pitching to people who aren’t interested, only pitch to websites that accept guest posts.

If you’re looking for guest post opportunities, simply type “submit guest post” into a search engine along with the niche you’re interested in. This will provide you with an immediate list of websites that have guest posting guidelines/instructions and you can pitch them right away.

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To guarantee that you’ll always be contacted by the blogger you’re contacting, you must know how to write an amazing pitch that will get the blogger to say yes every time. Bloggers receive tons of guest post pitches, and if they don’t like your pitch, your contact will be deleted quickly.

You can connect with other bloggers by posting as a guest, getting backlinks to your site, and connecting with a wider audience. Staying authentic is the key to landing guest posts. Bloggers may be wary since there are a lot of people trying to scam them as a consequence.

Your content should be genuine, relatable, and you should only share it with sites you know will find it useful. A guest post will therefore add a truly valuable string to your marketing bow.

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