The Different Styles of Vape Cartridge Packaging


Packaging for vape cartridges is straightforward. However, it would help if you had an open top and bottom closed on the sides. You can use many different containers, like glass bottles and aluminum cans. The main differences include:

  • Weight.
  • Ease of use/transportability.
  • Overall appearance (including branding opportunities).
  • Price point.
  • Product quality (such as taste).

Vape carts come in many different shapes, such as circles and hexagons. These can hold about 0.75g – 0.99g of vape juice, depending on how tight the packer is down, so they do come in a range of sizes. Rectangular-shaped cartons are also popular and usually hold 0.50g – 0.70g per cartridge, which is the perfect size for carrying around with you on the go!

The type of cartridge will affect how it is used. For example, some cartridges need to be removed before use, while others do not. You should also ensure that your vape cartridges fit into the packaging, so they don’t fall out when transporting them or when people are looking at them in stores. Finally, make sure to have a logo on your vape cartridges so people can know who they are from if it is yours.

There are a few different types of vape cartridge packaging. The most common type is the blister pack, which consists of several tiny plastic bubbles holding one cartridge. Other types have metal mouthpieces that do not require prep work before vaping.

Use Branding on Your Vape Cartridges

It would help ensure that the prefilled cartridges fit in their packaging so they don’t fall out. You can also use branding on your vape cartridges, so customers will know it is yours and not someone else’s. This could be a logo or slogan that represents your brand.

Another type of vape cartridge packaging is the tube-style design. This consists of two tubes that slide together and lock in place. One end has a mouthpiece, while the other has a filling attachment that can fill up these cartridges with your vape juice, rather than using prefilled ones.

As the vaping industry grows, there are more and more types of vape cartridge packaging for brands and retailers. Some types are new, so it can be hard to know best. I will tell you about some popular types of custom vape cartridge packaging in this blog post.

Smokeless vape cartridges are put in simple boxes. These boxes have a window for people to see the product. The box is also recyclable and can be shipped quickly.

Blister Packs

Blister packs are a type of vape package. It is easy to assemble them, and they are tamper-resistant, so they are suitable for retail stores. But they can be more expensive than other packages.


Vape cartridges come in different packages. Pouches are good for shipping vape cartridges. However, they keep the cartridge safe and are hard to open, so they may not be suitable for retail stores.


Tubes are an inexpensive option for vape cartridge packaging. They’re easy to assemble and provide good protection from damage and moisture. However, they don’t offer much protection from sunlight, which can degrade the cartridge oil over time.


Cases are a type of container for vape cartridges. They can be expensive, but they keep the cartridges safe from damage and moisture. Cases are light and easy to carry, so they’re good for stores. However, it would help if you were careful not to open them too hard without damaging the cartridges inside.


A newer type of vape cartridge packaging is the clamshell package. It’s a case that has two halves that come together to form a protective cover. This style can be effective, but it requires careful assembly when opening because cartridges could fall out.

Bubble pouches

Another type of packaging for vape cartridges is bubble pouches. They are made from polyethylene or PVC. These protect the cartridges from moisture and dirt, but they are not very durable, and it is hard to open them without damaging the product inside.


Vials are suitable for storing oils. They can be small and see how much oil it is left. This will be useful if you carry several different flavors at once.

There are many different types of vape cartridge packaging. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right kind for your product is essential.

Vape cartridges need a good box. You have to show off your product in a way that will stand out and get noticed. There are many vape cartridge brands, so you need an eye-catching design on the box if you want people to buy it.

There are three leading vape cartridges, plastic, glass, and metal. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Book your order at

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Vape cartridges are sold in plastic. Therefore, it is cheap and lightweight. However, there is not much protection for the cartridge, so it can be easily damaged when transporting it.

Glass is a good material for vape cartridges because it looks nice, is strong, and does not break. The problem with glass is that it can be heavy and expensive to produce, so consumers have to pay more.

Metal is another good option for vaping. It doesn’t break, and it resists corrosion, which means it is a good choice for products exposed to moisture or other environmental factors. Unfortunately, metal is expensive to produce and can be heavy and difficult to transport.

Aluminum cans are lighter and cheaper than glass bottles to produce. However, they can be challenging to clean if the residue is inside the can. They also offer fewer branding opportunities than glass bottles. But they cost less, so you will save money by using them.

There are biodegradable materials that can be used for vape packaging boxes . They are environmentally friendly and compostable, which is good for the environment. But they are not very durable and can easily get damaged when in transit. So what is the best type of vape cartridge packaging? That depends on your needs and budget. If you need a durable, moisture-resistant option, metal is the way to go. If you want an environmentally friendly choice, biodegradable materials are a good option. Whichever route you choose, ensure that it will protect your product and reflect your brand’s values.