The Ultimate Jira Software vs Monday Software Guide


Jira software was initially released in 2002 as a propriety issue tracking software. It is an excellent system to resolve two basic queries: bug tracking and agile product management. Used in over 190 countries, Jira software combines various tools on a single platform to create a robust management platform. Monday software has more than 152,000 users around the world, and the aim behind this software is to cultivate a powerful remote workspace.  

The following is a comparative list of Jira Software vs Monday software.  

Jira Software 

Product management software needs to be integrated with the latest technology to provide sturdy solutions: 

Automate and Customize  

One way to reduce the unnecessary workload is through automation. Jira software integrates Scrum, Kanban, Bug Tracking, and DevOps, which provide numerous templates to visualize, plan, track and resolve conflicts.  

The Bug Tracking feature can be used to solve issues such as Bug, Story, Task, Subtask, and so on. Once you have set up the template, you will be able to identify the bug and then centralize all the important information required to solve it in the same place.  

You can then prioritize them based on which needs to be taken care of before you assign them to the relevant team members.  

Agile Boards 

Jira is well-known for its agile boards like Kanban and Scrum, both of which provide value for product management. When you are using Kanban, you can pick the type of project you will be working on. You can choose if it is to be managed by the company or the team. You will be given a suitable set of templates to shape your plan.  

The visual cards on the Kanban board divide your work progress on the basis of steps that you need to follow. Naturally, you can track the project plan thoroughly. On the other hand, Scrum boards are used to assign the right tasks to teams whose skill set matches the requirements.  


After you sign up with Open DevOps, you will be offered free versions of important integrations like Confluence, Opsgenie, and Bitbucket for maximum productivity. You can access repositories, pipelines, and documents through the Code tab, Deployment Tab, and Pages tab, respectively.  

If you want to further make sure that you stay on top of every detail, Kanban can be used to create issues. Issues are discreet tasks such as bugs, features, and user stories that you can organize through cards.  

Jira Prices  

Jira pricing plans consist of three modules, including a free plan. The free plan has both Kanban and Scrum and can be used to create customized workflows and backlogs as well. You can use agile reporting to gain insights as well as app integrations to promote the productivity level.  

The standard plan charges $75 and has some additional benefits compared to the free one. Such as project roles, advanced permissions, audit logs, anonymous access, and data residency that can all be impactful for managing products.  

The premium plan costs $145 per month, and it meets the requirements of enterprise-scale businesses with heightened security and protection features. You get access to admin insights, release tracks, IP allow-listing, and uptime SLA.  

Monday Software 

This list provides insightful information about Monday project management features: 

Sales CRM 

With Monday project management, you can customize CRM, edit deal stages, and add different columns. You can easily communicate with your clients by integrating your email account, keeping a log of all the communication, and using personalized templates to save time.  

Sales processes can be automated to assign leads to reps, receive a notification when an email is opened by a lead, and send reminders for upcoming tasks and activities.  


Furthermore, Monday software is an efficient platform for marketing as it has a high-level overview allowing you to keep up with all the plans and tasks. You can manage campaign planning with automated processes that can be used for sharing top keywords, final approvals, or deadline dates with your team members.  

It is important that information is communicated to copywriters, designers, and campaign managers so that everyone knows what to work on. With forms, versioning, and annotations, the team can remain connected.  

Monday Dev 

You can take productivity to the next level as you are able to break down silos and ensure that everyone is on board. You can further auto-assign tasks to your team members, and sync commits so as to further streamline the overall process.  

Project Management  

One of the top solutions provided by Monday is ways to streamline your projects and optimize your projects. Monday provides accurate insights for potential results so that you can shift your tasks around predicted results.  

 Monday Pricing  

There are five payment plans, and they are all able to target the project management needs of different organizations. With the free plan, you can share unlimited documents, create unlimited boards, access 200+ templates, and create more than 20 columns. It is also able to provide iOS and Android applications for all of its users.  

The second plan costs $24, and it is integrated with the Kanban board and Sprint management app to increase general efficiency. There are hundreds of software templates and ready-made product templates which let you start your project without having to rely on software developers. Unlimited free viewers will be able to access your documents even if they cannot make any changes. Additionally, you can create unlimited lists and boards too. On the other hand, the third plan is considered their standard payment model, and the payment is $30 while you will be provided with GitLab and GitHub integrations. Timeline and Gantt provide a visual timeline to assess, plan, and track projects you are taking care of.  

It can be concluded that Jira software vs Monday software is both are the top project tracking software, they able to provide dexterous options to manage and optimize products as well as projects under your observations.