Tips to avoid overheating of the phone by professionals of cell phone repair in London


Mobile phones have become an integral part of our personal and professional life; thus, they must be kept in excellent shape. It’s impossible to avoid using a phone for any reason other than making personal or business calls or binge-watching your favorite movies and series on applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. As a result of this constant usage of cell phones, one of the most common complaints is overheating. 

Phone overheating is a very typical occurrence these days. You shouldn’t take it lightly since it may lead to several serious issues with the device, such as a quick battery depletion, automatic restarting, forced shutdown, and even screen damage. In the same way that we protect ourselves from overheating, we should also safeguard our phones. 

To make things easier for you, we have compiled some tips and tricks that can help you prevent the overheating of your phone. These tips are curated by the finest professionals in cell phone repair in London.

How To Avoid Phone Overheating According to Experts Of Phone Repair in London?

Charge your phone only to 80% of its capacity.

If you need to charge your phone overnight, start by charging it somewhere other than a pillow or bedsheet. According to experts of repair in London, Ontario, you should never charge your phone to 100 percent because doing so will shorten the battery’s life. When your phone is fully charged, it is more likely to overheat, so charge it when about 30% low and disconnect it when it is about 80% high.

Check that your phone isn’t running any unused apps.

If your phone has a lot of open applications running in the background, it will get hot. It’s simple to solve: Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to open all applications, and then swipe down to close those you don’t need (if your iPhone still has a home button, double-tap that to see open apps). Touch the menu icon in the bottom-left corner of an AndroidTM screen (it will look like either three vertical dots or three vertical lines, depending on your phone model). Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal open applications, then swipe away the ones you want to close.

Reduce the brightness of your phone.

According to specialists in cell phone and tablet repair, increasing your screen’s brightness can strain your battery and generate extra heat. Consider decreasing the timeout length and screen brightness to avoid leaving your screen on for extended periods. Also, consider an anti-glare screen protector, which may help you view your phone’s screen in the sun without having to increase the brightness.

Make sure you’re using an approved charger by the manufacturer.

You can’t just put any phone charger in your bag and expect it to work. For your safety, make sure you charge your smartphone using an approved charger from a trusted cell phone repair shop in London, Ontario. You should also check the charger and your phone’s charging port for any damage which might cause overheating.

Outdated apps

A malfunctioning app may overwork your phone’s CPU, causing it to overheat. Updates frequently include critical bug fixes, so ensure you’re always running the most recent versions of your programs and operating system. After installing the update, your phone should run more smoothly and be less likely to overheat.

Software enhancements

When a phone is updated, it may overheat. An OS error may have necessitated a temporary increase in power, but this should not result in a long-term overheating problem.

Use Bluetooth devices only when necessary.

Turn off your phone’s auto-connect feature while driving. If you’re going to be using Bluetooth for an extended period, turn it off and unplug it. Turn off your phone’s automatic pairing with your car’s Bluetooth if you won’t be using it for phone calls or listening to something in the car.

Check that your Android device has antivirus software installed.

Overheating on your Android phone could indicate the presence of a virus on your device. Anti-virus software installed on your Android phone can protect you from malicious apps.

Stop playing excessive video games.

Even if your phone isn’t prone to overheating, it’s not good to leave the game running in the background after you’ve finished playing it. This can cause extra damage to your phone because the game will be running in the background, so make sure to exit every app or game after using it.

Consult the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) section below for further questions.

Is it possible for your phone to be damaged by overheating?

When your phone becomes too hot, it may cause data loss or corruption, and frequent heat exposure can permanently slow down your device.

Do cooling apps work?

Cooler Master is as simple to use as the first choice. Cool down your Android smartphone with a simple touch. As soon as you activate the software, it displays the RAM and CPU percentages. If the app indicates that the temperature is unacceptable, hit the blue button below, and Cooler Master will search your applications.

Why is my battery dying so quickly?

Even when not in use, your battery drains quicker when heated. This kind of drain might harm your battery.