Top 5 Best UX Practices In 2022


The best UX practices help the users to navigate through your website or application, engage and take action. So UX is very important to generate traffic, engage, improve conversion rates, etc. With new tools entering the market and AI to take the help of, you can build the best UX for your audience and meet the users’ expectations. But, for all of these, you need to follow some best practices of UX, where you can understand what users expect in a website and how you can improve it.

The website designing company in Delhi is here to share the best practices of UX. You can follow it to improve your website’s UX.

  • Research, Learn, and Implement:

One of the best practices of UX is to know more about it and have insights. For this, you need to learn and it comes from proper and in-depth research. You must stay updated to know what new things are coming, dominating, and raging in the industry. It will help you to serve your audience and meet their expectations.

Thewebsite design company in Delhi recommend researching and learning from the great UX designers, their work, and knowing their methodology and intentions. It will widen your perspective and improve your creativity as well.

Finally, after continuous learning, you will start implementing it in your work. Do experiment and keep practicing, it will sharpen your skills and help you to grow.

  • Make Use of Tools:

Today the internet is dominated by tools and software across different elements. The website designing company in Delhi recommends you make use of tools or software in your work. This will save your time and help you to take the user experience to the next level.

You get various tools,

  • For designing such as Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma.
  • For prototyping tools such as InVision Studio,, etc.
  • Best wiring tools – UXPin, Balsamiq, Axure RP.

These are the few top tools you can use to improve the user experience and make it big. We think that using such tools is necessary to make the UX design easy and simple.

  • Keep Everything Simple:

You must know, users like to use websites or applications that are intuitive and simple in all terms. It may be navigation, content, visuals, designs, etc. Whatever you name it, those should be attractive and at the same time, they should be simple.

So don’t complicate things trying to make it creative and engage the audience, just maintain the flow and consistency throughout the design. It will make users engage and take action. The website design company in Delhi suggests you give a special focus on navigation. It should be very simple and understandable to the users–where they are navigating to.

  • Optimized for Different Screens:

The website can be accessed through smartphones, desktops, tablets, etc. Even smartphones and tablets have different screen sizes. So, it is very necessary to optimize the UX for a wide range of screen sizes. This will help you, users, to navigate websites through varied devices.

The user experience for every screen should be similar, it may vary, but we suggest not changing the style, look and feel of it. Maintain consistency and optimize it for every screen. You can begin with the smaller screens first, it has many benefits that you will experience when you make it.

  • Explore Multiple Things:

UX is the field, where users’ expectation increases as they come through various top-notch websites. So, keep exploring around you about UX and experiment with things. Many UX designers on social media such as Instagram, Linkedin, keep posting about different design styles and poll it to understand what users want and which one they prefer.

You can experience and explore UX for different industries and businesses, such as B2C and B2B. Thus, keep exploring multiple things.

Bonus Tip: UX writing is as important as the design. If you are doing UX writing as well. Remember, put more information in a few words, be precise, clear, and use simple language, keep it less fancy. Therefore, focus on UX writing as well.

Final Words:

The best website designing company in Delhi has shared some best UX practices. You can follow it and implement it in your work. Thus, we hope this blog has helped you to find suitable solutions for your query!