Want to Buy Opal? Here is the Guide


Are you planning to buy some jewelry for your loved ones? Is it an opal that caught your eye in the jewelry shop? Of course, a well-designed piece like opal jewelry is an excellent gift for a special someone. But, how much do you know about opal? Do you know the types? What will determine the value of an opal ring? Are they as good as diamonds? If you, too, have these questions in your mind, then reading the rest of the article is the only way to find the answers.

If you don’t have the basic knowledge of opal, then you must first understand this stone, its types and what factors to consider while buying one.

If you figure this out, you can confidently select a well-set item such as opal jewelry and adorn it with pride.

What is opal?

It is one of the world’s finest and most precious gemstones, primarily found in Australia. It is one of the only six kinds of precious stones on Earth. The other stones you can compare to opal are diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and pearls. And that’s why opal is Australia’s national gemstone.

So, how do you prepare for the purchase of opal?

Educate yourself about the stone

Start by reading about the stone, its history, and the type you are looking for, such as a doublet, triplet, or a solid opal. The doublets and triplets could cost less than the solid opal.

The next step is understanding the types of opal.

Different types of opal can be found in Australia. And there are many other types in India, Mexico, Brazil, etc. But, some of the best kinds are a few. They are:

Black opal

People call them the “Rolls Royce” of opals. Why? The pricing, quality, status, and rarity make it the right jewelry for this name tag. In addition, they are famous for their dark body tone.

Boulder opals

It has stunning colour, just like the black opal, but it forms in thin veins on an ironstone backing; hence, the pricing is less than black opal.

White opal

These have a milky white body tone. It is not that rare but is not common either. The white tone causes it to be less bright; hence the price may vary from the top stones. But its high-quality and stunning looks could captivate someone. And that’s why it is on the list.

Crystal opal

It is a type of opal with a translucent/transparent quality. The quality adds value to it, and the price gets higher if it is of good colour.   

How do you select an opal for your loved ones?

Even after knowing everything about the gemstone, deciding on the particular stone you want to gift your special person would be challenging. What to do in this situation?

There are some tips to get a suitable stone; they are:

  • Pick an opal that appeals to you
  • Finalise the usage of that stone (ring/necklace/earring)
  • Consider the brilliance
  • Colour value
  • Certification from legal or government institutions
  • Learn the valuation technique
  • Search for cracks and faults
  • Pricing/Budget

These are the major points you should remember while shopping for opal jewelry. Whether you are looking for a pair of earrings or a necklace, ensure that they have the certification from the authority.