What can you do in the UK: 5 great things to do when you are touring the United Kingdom 

UK’s oldest restaurants

When it comes to touring somewhere fun and full of adventure, the United Kingdom might not be something that immediately springs to mind. It is so small, especially in comparison to places like the US. However, the UK is a place full of history from every era, down from the Jurassic coast to Hadrian’s wall, the modern streets of London, and everywhere in between. For somewhere so small, you have such an incredible range of history, and it is all there for you to discover. So, when looking for the next place to go on vacation, here are five things that you can do when you are touring the United Kingdom.

#1 Trying the food

In the UK, there is a huge range of different cultural dishes, including their own culinary preferences. There are a lot of different things to try from Cornish pasties in the southwest, to haggis in the very north. You can also go to a large range of historical restaurants and it can be a real boast to be able to say that you have dined in the UK’s oldest restaurants

#2 Period houses

As mentioned before, there is a huge range of historically significant houses which are incredibly well preserved in the UK. You have trusts, such as the English Heritage and the National Trust that strive to preserve these buildings and historical sites, ranging from castles from before the medieval period to houses from Tudor and Elizabethan times. These can be incredible places to visit and can really give you an insight into the UK’s compelling history, as well as the stories of the buildings themselves. 

#3 Finding beautiful scenery

Finding beautiful scenery can be something that you might strive towards. You might feel that it is one of the sole reasons why you came to the UK in the first place. This can be the beautiful rock formations of the Peak District, it could be the lovely lakes of the Lake District, the vast Moors of Yorkshire, or the Brecon Beacons on the England/Wales border by Abergavenny. There are also incredible historic towns to discover, such as Chichester, Shrewsbury, and of course, London. 

#4 Learn about ancient history

The Jurassic coast is known internationally for being a hotspot for dinosaur bones and fossil locations. This can be an amazing area to explore for all generations. You can also visit renowned museums in London that celebrate ancient history. 

#5 Don’t forget historic landmarks

The UK has a huge number of landmarks that can be a great way to make a tour unforgettable. Here is a short list of just some of the landmarks that you can visit. 

  • Lake Windermere, Lake District 
  • Stonehenge, Wiltshire
  • The London Dungeons, London
  • Hampton Court, London
  • The Shard, London
  • The Tate, London
  • Houses of Parliament, London
  • The Seven Sisters, Sussex
  • Blackpool tower, Blackpool
  • Eden Project, Cornwall
  • Cardiff Castle, Wales
  • St. David’s Cathedral, Wales.

As you can see, for a relatively small country, it is chock full of history, and if that type of thing is what you are looking for, you should seriously consider the UK as a holiday destination.