What is a fair price to pay for Spotify Promotion?

What is a fair price to pay for Spotify Promotion

Are you sick of paying companies for useless feedback like ‘wow great track man, but doesn’t fit my list’, by someone that might not know anything about your genre of music and nothing about music production?

Whether you’re part of a label, or an independent artist looking to promote your music on Spotify, finding a reliable and honest company in the minefield of companies duping their customers by putting fake, botted streams and followers on their profile can be a chore. If you’re an artist looking for ways to connect to your audience much easier, buy spotify followers and enjoy your spotlight.

Ruining your Spotify algorithm is one thing, but what’s worse is paying a company for a load of useless feedback from a bunch of questionable ‘music curators’. 

Companies faking it aside, what is a fair price to pay for Spotify promotion? Spotify promotion is mostly reliant on being placed in active playlists, with a wide variety of listeners that may then add your track to their own lists, contributing to the organic growth of your track and increasing your chance of being added to Spotify’s algorithmic playlists.

But it’s good to know that there are many companies out there that simply pay a percentage of the fee that you’ve paid them to another PR company, to put x amount of streams on your song. So these companies essentially act as a middleman, and reap the rewards of your promotion budget for simply outsourcing your track. 

This begs the question:

If a Spotify promotion service is more expensive, does it mean that their promotion service is better? 

No. It just means that it’s more likely than not that they are simply paying another company to place your track, rather than using their own resources and network to push your track.

Say for example, you pay Playlist Placement (not a real company) $350 for Spotify promotion. There’s a high chance that they then do one of the following:

  1. Send the track to another company with playlists to put a few thousand streams on the track for a fraction of the fee that you’ve paid them. You get ‘rejected’ by a load of other curators, and you have ended up paying $350 for 5 thousand streams.
  2. They pitch your song to a load of curators, they all reject, but you do get a load of super helpful feedback that will really help develop your career (sense the sarcasm?).
  3. Number 2 happens, the company feels bad because you paid $350 and you sent a strongly worded email, to ensure you don’t leave a bad review on Trustpilot they pay a curator to add your track to a list that has a zillion followers, but only yields 16 streams a day, with the hope that you will be satisfied with that.

What’s even more crazy is, many of these companies have packages starting from $300+, and offer no guarantee of results, and no refund if (which is highly possible) a load of curators reject the track. 

Maybe they should consider pitching the song before rinsing you of your Spotify promotion budget? 

It’s not all bad though. Amongst the cowboys of the Wild West, there’s a handful of companies out there that offer a service that will: 

  1. Offer results. If they can’t offer results, offer a refund or not accept the track and your payment in the first place. 
  2. Be transparent with regards to where your track can be pushed, how well they think your track can perform, and simply respond to your emails, calls and so on.

Why can some companies do this, and others can’t?

These companies have cut out the middleman, meaning that you’re paying directly for your track to be promoted. This allows them to offer the services for a cheaper and fair price, because they don’t have to take into account paying another PR company or a load of curators for streams.

But what is a fair price for this?

This pricing is based on:

  • Listening and establishing whether we can promote the track
  • Create a strategy and analyze where the track can be promoted
  • Reach out to our network if necessary
  • Complete correspondence and ensure guarantees are delivered

One thing we can say is, avoid overpaying a company to have ‘access’ to a bunch of curators that will ‘review’ your song, and avoid paying $300+ without at least having some guarantee of results. You’ll likely end up disappointed, with a couple of thousand streams on your profile and a load of useless feedback. And let’s not even talk about refunds.