Who is the Richest Youtuber in India?

Richest Youtuber in India

In this blog, I am sharing some richest youtuber in India. If you don’t know who is the richest youtuber in India, then you can read and learn about this.

Top Richest YouTuber in India

The richest youtubers in India are many, but there are a few who have earned millions of dollars. Amit Bhadana is the top-earning Indian youtuber with 18.8 million subscribers. His videos are a mix of comedy and reviews of the latest gadgets. He makes more than $180K a month and plans to spend this money on new gadgets and a bigger channel.

Sandeep Chaudhary has a net worth of PS 1.9 million and has nearly 9 million subscribers. His videos on life and tech have garnered over one billion views. His video titled “How to Be Happy and Stay Positive” was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in December 2018.

Another YouTuber with a high-profile international profile is Gaurav Chaudhary, who has 18.4+ millions subscribers and is also a popular motivational speaker.

A video uploaded by a famous Indian YouTuber earns over $120K per month. He makes his money by creating funny adult videos with educational content. He also sells his own products. This entrepreneur has earned millions of dollars online through his YouTube channel.

In India, he is regarded as the richest youtuber. But he also earns a handsome salary from his content.

Ashish Chanchlani has made it to the mainstream with relatable videos. His channel has more than twenty-four million subscribers. He has monetized his videos by selling his subscriptions. His videos have gained millions of views and earn him around $2 million a month.

He also has a number of business opportunities, including supplying security equipment to other organizations. You can see why Ashish Chanchlani is one of the richest youtubers in India.

Harsh Beniwal is another India youtuber. His net worth is $2.2 million and he launched his YouTube channel in 2015. While she is an American, she is a Tamil-speaking singer/YouTuber who is based in Chennai. She is one of the richest youtubers in India and earns over $90K per month. However, she is not the only one earning big.

Besides Gaurav Bam, other top YouTubers in India include Harsh Beniwal and Gaurav Chaudhary. They both have massive followings on YouTube and have other opportunities. The top YouTubers in India are the most successful and the richest in the world. While many of them are successful, some of them still struggle to live comfortably. If you want to make millions of dollars, start a YouTube channel!

Vivek Bam is a famous YouTuber in India. He has more than 10 million subscribers. He launched his YouTube channel in 2013 and has more than 5 million subscribers in 180 countries. The videos he uploads are humorous and inspirational and inspire people to do something out of the ordinary.

His income from YouTube will range from $4,000 to $69,000 a month. This makes him the richest youtuber in India.

In the next place is Bhuvan Bam. The Indian YouTuber has over 24 million followers. He specializes in making comedy videos and has a net worth of USD 4 million.

The first video he uploaded was a parody of a famous movie. The rest of his videos are parodies of Bollywood movies and songs. In fact, he’s the richest youtuber in India.

The second-richest Indian youtuber is Vidya Iyar. She earns between $80 and $120k every month. She was born in Chennai but moved to the United States in her early childhood.

Her channel is called Vidya Vox and she uploads music videos in multiple languages. With over six million subscribers, Bhuvan Bam is the richest youtuber in India.

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In India, the richest youtuber is Bhuvan Bam. He has a net worth of $3.3 million and is currently the richest youtuber in the country. In the United States, a YouTuber’s net worth depends on the number of subscribers.

For example, the first-richest youtuber is a YouTuber who has a huge following. The second-richest youtuber in India is Vidya Iyar.