10 Awesome Flowers for Kids

Flowers for Kids
Flowers for Kids

You have probably heard before that a great way to become good at something is to start it when you are young. We think that it happens with flowers as well. What is even better about flowers is that even youngsters like them a lot. So if gardening happens to be a hobby that you simply want them to adopt, they are sure to love the flowers you will bring them. Also, even digging & planting in their early years will also help them to learn about flowers! However, always remember that the way you go gardening with kids will be a bit different than the way you do gardening on your own. They will need to start simple & slow so that they learn the ins & outs of it all!

Awesome Flowers You Can Buy/Grow for Your Kids

With this said, here are some awesome flowers that you can buy or grow for your kids:


Sunflowers are an excellent choice for 1st-time gardeners as the seeds are pretty large. Thus, they are easier to manage. Since they all had best in only about any sunny garden, maintenance is also not too complex either! Sunflowers also are ideal if you are trying to find flower delivery in chandigarh to offer to children during a vase, again since they are easy to worry for. You will only got to re-cut the stems and alter the water after every 3 days and keep them during a sunny spot.


Impatiens is another type of flower that does not require a lot of attention to thrive. Ultimately, they only need enough water to quench their thirst with a pleasant shady spot. This flower is fun to plant with children during the hotter months. Counting on where you get them, planting might be as simple as digging a fast hole & sticking the roots in.


There is nothing quite a sort of a rose bush fully bloom! If your yard has the space, this is often an excellent one to grow with children, especially because the results not like all others (just make certain to warn kids about thorns because the bush grows). In terms of care, water is large for Roses whether they’re within the ground or during a vase that you simply give to children for a present – they like rich & loose soil when within the ground, and when during a vase, they’ll need some extra water a day if the extent gets too low.


We love Tulips, especially due to their beautiful colors, and we bet their bright shades will catch your children’s eyes too! One of our favorite fun facts about these flowers is that they’re the sole quite flower which will continue to grow even after they have been cut – pretty amazing, right? Do you have to be trying to find a flower to offer your child to worry for instead of to plant, maintenance is additionally pretty basic – the flowers will just got to be kept during a spot that doesn’t receive direct sunlight or any drafts. Therefore, the water will just got to be changed about every 2 to three days.


Daisies are an easy perennial flower to start out with. There are many various sorts of daisies, you’ll find a whole rainbow of colors to grow. Daisies are perfect for youngsters to grow as they so grow easily. They will be picked and that they will produce more & more flowers. Children love picking up & touching flowers, and daisies are the right flowers to select.

Woolly Lambs Ear

Here may be a plant that your kids simply can’t resist touching, I cannot either. Woolly lambs ear may be a perennial plant that grows easily in the majority of climates. This plant is strictly what the name says – the leaves. Therefore, the flowers are seriously as soft as the woolly lamb’s ear.

Sweet Peas

Moving on to a different sense, the sense of smell. The sweet pea is an annually grown flower that grows along an active lightweight vine. Sweets peas are the right plant to grow in a teepee within the garden, along a fence or a railing. When the tiny, pastel flowers open up, the kids will understand why they’re called “sweet”. The scent they produce is nice, not in the least harsh. Again, these flowers are perfect for youngsters to form bouquets for small hands.


An easy & annually grown flower to grow in containers and/or a garden. Nasturtium’s brightly colored flowers are edible & prolific. Nasturtium may be a safe edible flower for youngsters to undertake. Put the flowers on the top of a cupcake or mix them into a salad. Albeit you select to not eat the flowers, their fragrance & beautiful colors will definitely entertain children.


Marigolds are such online flower delivery ideas that your kids will enjoy growing right from seed. There are many sorts available, and the color choices are literally endless. Not only this, but Marigolds’ flower petals are also edible. These flowers are very simple to grow, and also, they produce many flowers. Marigolds are an honest option for containers as well as garden borders.

Purple Cone Flowers

We love our Purple Cone Flowers (also called as Echinacea). Purple Cone Flowers are an ideal flower to grow with children who have an interest in learning about butterflies and bees. Butterflies find the purple-colored flower heads a stunning spot to prevent and eat. Per annum, we see lots of butterflies and lots of more bees resting on our Purple Cone Flowers.

To Wrap Up

There is such a lot for youngsters to find out during a garden, and flowers are one of the areas to explore. Once we make connections with our youngsters and flowers an entirely new world of discovery exposes. Happy spring & happy flowers.