Some Extraordinary And Useful Gift Ideas For Your Office Staff


We all live two kinds of lifestyles, one personal and the other professional. We are emotionally involved in our personal life but certainly fail to involve our emotions in the professional environment with our colleagues and office staff. Our staff and employees are also our families and as an employer, it should be our responsibility to take care of their needs. Just giving them a monthly salary is not enough to maintain a healthy and jovial environment at our workplace. As an employer, we should treat our employees as a part of our work family so that they can also feel like working efficiently rather than just considering the work as a task to earn money. 

Casual gifting is a great way to motivate the employees and other office staff to work even more efficiently and make them feel like a family. A small token of love can be proved to be a great way to be involved with employees emotionally also. 

Don’t wait for Diwali or any other festivals to get gifts for your employees, don’t wait for their special day to come and you will give them a birthday gift but instead give them gifts randomly also just to make them feel good. 

So if you are looking for some extraordinary gift ideas for your employees then here is a list for you. We have curated a list of useful yet extraordinary gift ideas for your office staff. So let’s check them out.

Desk plant-

The plant is considered a great source of positive vibes. It can motivate the person in many ways. The natural colors of plants are very soothing to the eyes. To make it extraordinary you can get a personalized desk plant for every employee. You can get the names of the employees engraved on the planter. This will make your employee feel their importance in the company and they will work even hard to make it big. It will be eco-friendly and useful both. You can give them flowers also. These days you can send birthday flowers online.

Copper bottle-

Water is very important for our living. On average everyone should drink at least 5 to 6 liters in a day to keep the body hydrated and healthy. Long working hours and deadline pressure has actually made people so engrossed in work that they forget to focus on their health, especially on their water intake. To make your company a success you need healthy employees. So give your employees a copper water bottle with the company logo and their name written on it. This is a sustainable and eco-friendly gift option.

Personalized mobile stand-

Mobile has become the most essential element and need of the hour. We need smartphones for everything. You can get a personalized mobile stand for your employee so that they can keep their phones on it while working. This will manage their device well and keep them more focussed while working. You can get names and logos engraved on the wooden mobile stand for your employees to make it personalized for them.

Personalized pen-

We live in the world of technology where everything is getting digitalised. But still, we need pens for signatures. Nothing can replace a pen. It is still a luxurious item. So why not get a personalized pen for your employees? You can get a good quality pen for your employees with their names engraved on it. I am sure your employees will love to receive this and will appreciate your gesture.


Yes, I agree that technology has made things easier for us, even planning. It is easier to plan things using software and apps but still, a physical planner comes in handy because you can’t carry your laptop everywhere. So get a customisable planner for your employees according to their post and responsibilities. This will make their planning process easier and will help them in sorting out their tasks for the day. 

Customized calendar-

To add a daily dose of motivation to your employee’s life you can give them a customized calendar with a motivational quote written over it. They can flip it every month to get a booster dose of motivation. A customized calendar can be a great addition to their desk.

I hope you liked and find the article helpful. Give these gifts to your employees and make them feel like a family.