3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Gaming Experience

the Most Out of Your Gaming Experience

Gaming has captured the hearts of billions of players worldwide. And, with more ways to enjoy playing than ever before, your gaming setups can be fully customised to suit you and your style. If you spend any time enjoying video games, then you will want to improve your experience with a few choice changes and upgrades.

Get the Right Hardware

There are a number of platforms to choose to play on, with the biggest being PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Each gaming platform has its own list of titles released exclusively for its player base, so take a look at the titles released on each console to decide which you would like to own. Consoles are straightforward to understand and purchase, but PC hardware comes in a multitude of different configurations. Browse for reputable and trusted sellers and brands to get expert advice, or choose a prebuilt machine such as one from the Lenovo High End Gaming PCs line-up to ensure you have the best hardware to game on.


It doesn’t matter what platform you choose to play on; if you are uncomfortable, then your gaming experience isn’t likely to be an enjoyable one. If you choose to play at a desk, which is the best option for the gamer who prefers or spends a lot of time playing strategy games, then make sure your desk and chair height are appropriate. If the chair is too low, then you risk straining your shoulders during longer gaming sessions. If the chair is too high, you risk wrist and back injury as you slump over to compensate for the height difference. Good ergonomic gaming or office chairs are specifically made to help these issues. If you are playing on a TV and sitting on a couch, make sure you have the right kind of support for your back and try not to hunch forward too much.

Consider an SSD

Have you ever sat staring at a loading screen for more time than you spent actually playing the game? That’s where an SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade will help. SSDs can read and write information much faster than a traditional mechanical HDD (Hard Disk Drive). This means that removing the default mechanical hard drive that most console brands and PCs are equipped with and replacing them with new SSDs will improve game performance and drastically shorten the load times you experience. If you don’t want to open your console and risk voiding the warranty with a drive replacement, and if you have an Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4, or PS5, you can add an SSD to a USB 3.0 drive enclosure and connect it via external USB ports. This will improve load times, but not as much as replacing the default drive. 

Gaming as a hobby has seen a huge boost in the past few years thanks to technology becoming cheaper and more accessible to a wider range of people. This also means that gaming accessories are becoming more popular and affordable too, so why not upgrade your setup and get even more enjoyment out of your gaming setup today?