5 things to gift your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day round the corner and you’re still not sure what to gift your man? Yes, we know gifting men is a real tough job, but we’re here to make it a little easier for you. Check out these 5 gift ideas for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, that are sure to bring a big smile on his face.

1. Engraved watch

One of the classiest, and ironically timeless gifts is an engraved watch. We all know men and their love for fancy watches. But if your boyfriend is a real connoisseur, then instead of going for those latest trends, how about giving him something classic. Try gifting a vintage watch and get it engraved with his initials, your initials, a special phrase, date, or anything that hold significance to the two of you.

2. Personalised coffee mug

Is your man a coffee addict? Then how about getting him a cute and quirky coffee mug. What will make it more special is the customization. Get it personalised for your man with his name, his favourite anime or superhero character or a quote from “Friends” that he might like, etc. The options are limitless, but the result will definitely be him giving you a super cute kiss. If you both love coffee or tea, then you could also get couple mugs and have your photograph printed on it. That way it’ll be a cute little memory to remind you of how special you both are to each other.

3. Connecting bracelets

Similar to the diamond tennis bracelet, this onehas been trending since the past few months and you should definitely jump on the trend wagon. Made specially for couples who are in a long-distance relationship, the connecting bracelets have proven to be a boon for those longing to feel some sort of intimacy. These bracelets work in a very interesting fashion. There is a digital pendant on the metal band. Both the bracelets are connected through satellite technology and when one pendant is tapped, even from miles away, the other one lights up. This way you can let your boyfriend know you’re thinking of them any time of the day or night and vice versa. Honestly, it is one of the cutest gifts one can think of for their long-distance partner.

4. Grooming kit

Some men are into self-grooming more than others and if your man belongs to that category, then gifting him a grooming kit for Valentine’s is a good idea. Give him an opportunity to pamper himself and make self-grooming a priority. There are many good quality and branded kits available in the market and you could choose a brand that has products suitable for his skin type. These kits contain items like beard grooming tools, oils, face washes, scrubs for men, colognes and after-shave. It’s a practical gift and will definitely be appreciated by him.

5. Matching t-shirt and pyjamas

Now for a super cute and comfy gift idea. Love Netflix and chilling together? Then what could be better than a pair of matching PJ’s and t-shirts. Spend your night cuddled up together wearing cute matching outfits and cherish the best of moments this Valentine’s Day.

The Bottom Line

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your choice out of these 5 fabulous ideas and let us know his reaction. Also, be prepared to receive a Lab grown diamonds hatton garden as your Valentine’s Day gift from him. Now that does sound exciting, doesn’t it?