7 Chrome Extensions That Every Video Streamer Must Use


Chrome is a highly user-friendly browser, which explains why it has always shone brighter than the rest of the browsers out there. Do you stream TV shows or movies online whether it’s on YouTube or Netflix or do you use the Spectrum TV app to stream content on your Spectrum TV Choice package? If so, there is a whole collection of Chrome extensions out there for you to enhance your experience.

Let’s have a look:

1: Turn Off Lights

Turning off lights when you are watching a movie in a cinema is a real experience enhancer, right? Well then, there is an extension for you to recreate this experience. it’s called Turn Off Lights. Once you have added this extension to Chrome, simply turn on the lightbulb icon when the video starts and experience the magic. everything other than the video itself will dim.

2: Internet Download Manager

This extension needs to introduction. it doesn’t really enhance your streaming experience but it deserves to be on the list because it’s the best video downloader out there. Other than this, it also plays the role of a file downloader.

Add the IDM extension in your browser for downloading videos just like that. This tool works as a link grabber. It detects and extracts URLs from the video or other media and helps you download stuff from almost any type of website!

3: Google Cast

If you have a Chromecast at home, you definitely need the Google Cast extension. It lets you connect and stream content from the Chrome browser to your TV. Google Cast can also be used for boosting productivity by using multiple screens. Or, you can use it for streaming Netflix and YouTube at the same time.

4: Video Resumer

When you are watching a long video and don’t get to finish it in a single sitting, but you would like to resume from where you left off, the Video Resumer extension has you covered. It works well on YouTube videos by resuming the videos where you left so that you can continue watching without repeating the scenes or jumping off to new scenes.

5: Flix Plus

This is an extension by Lifehacker and is ideal for those who are addicted to Netflix. Once you add this extension, it will add cool features to the video like IMDb rating, Rotten Tomatoes score, and other information. The best feature of this extension is that it hides synopsis or other spoiler content that can give away too much about the show/movie you are about to watch.

This extension is particularly useful for those who are serious about avoiding spoilers when streaming a show or movie.

 6: FasTube

At times, you wish the video could load faster, right? Your prayers have been heard with FasTube. This extension loads videos in a pop-up window. It removes thumbnails, comments, and other unnecessary stuff from the video to make it load fast.

Once the FasTube extension is added in Chrome, you just have to click on the thumbnail of the video and this tool will take care of the rest. The videos will play instantly so that you watch the content without the unnecessary stuff. FasTube has a cinema mode, which is a button for rotating and sharing the video. While you are using this extension, there is just one thing you have to get used to. It’s the pop-up window. The video is closed instantly if you click anywhere else.

In case you want to see related videos or the description of the video and comments associated with that video, simply click on the title of the video.

7: Wachee VPN

There will always be some shows, movies, or video content that is blocked in your country. Don’t worry, a VPN can help you break free! Wachee is a VPN extension that you can add to your Chrome and freely watch the content that is restricted. This extension works well for removing Netflix’s filters. It makes it simpler to watch Netflix content from any location. Wachee’s basic plan is free but if you want to stream the videos in better quality, you can always try their premium version.