Best Jobs to Have in 2022


Getting a job in 2022 is not as easy as ten years ago. It would help if you researched well to know what the best jobs to have are before you apply. If you’re entering the job market for the first time or leaving previous employment for another, knowing this helps. You will save yourself the emotional and physical stress of looking for a job, and you can use this information to redirect your career.

Getting a good job is essential if you hope to weather the declining economy most countries face. With a good job, you can buy USDT, invest in any digital coin you prefer, or indulge in any other form of investment. Thus, these are some of the ten best job roles that will likely grow and be in demand in 2022.

  1. Home Health Aide

No matter the world’s level of civilization, it will always need home health and personal care aides. It is predicted that this career will be in demand for the next eight years, making it a good job to pursue. Being a personal care aide may be your calling if you love helping people or want to do something meaningful. Your duties entail traveling to people’s homes and other places to provide daily care to older people.

The job responsibilities of a personal care aide include administering education and taking patients in for their medical appointments. The salaries of home health aides start from around $27,000 a year, and you only need some training to get the job.

  1. Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are advanced nursing personnel, also referred to as APRNs (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses). Their responsibilities include coordinating patient care and providing primary and specialty healthcare. You need to possess a couple of certificates to increase your chances of getting a job, including a Master’s degree. Apart from getting a Master’s degree, you need a state license and national APRN certification to get the job.

Being a nurse practitioner is rewarding, particularly because it is one of the high-paying jobs in the job market. Nurse practitioners make about $111,680 per year, in addition to the honor of saving lives.

  1. Developer

As you must have already known, the world has gone digital; over four hundred thousand digital-based jobs are added annually. Software Development jobs are some of the best and highest paying remote jobs in 2022; the rewards are massive. It would help if you had at least a Bachelor’s degree and some great developing skills to become a software developer. Even if your Bachelor’s degree says “certified Economist,” you can become a certified software developer by taking courses online.

Software development involves designing and running software tests to keep the digital world efficient and eliminate problems. As a developer, your job is to design software according to the customer’s specifications and preferences. That’s because there are different types of software, and you need to develop what will meet the user’s core needs. The least-paying software developing jobs pay around $110,000 annually, and you work from home.

  1. Wind Tech Specialists

Wind Tech Specialists or Wind Turbine Technicians have been in high demand for the past couple of years, which isn’t surprising. Thanks to the world becoming more concerned about global warming, renewable energy trends are growing rapidly. Being a Wind Tech is one of the most rewarding and honorable part-time jobs, perfect for people who enjoy working outdoors. So if you don’t mind getting stuffed inside a turbine house to build, fix, or maintain it, this may be “it” for you.

According to data, the clean energy industry provides over 400,000 jobs in the USA, with 55,000 and growing being wind turbine jobs. To become a Wind Tech, you’ll need to love hands-on tools, but you’ll expect $59,900 annually.

  1. Chef

People who love thinking believe that everyone loves cooking, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you love cooking, you’ve got skills that can fetch you thousands annually – and you don’t even need a degree. The prediction is that 28,000 new chefs will be hired in 2022, so this is the time to get that job. The most skilled chef learns through work experience, although you can get training from select technical schools or colleges. If you will take pictures of your photo using a layer mask and put it on Instagram, you can get a lot of followers and likes, which can get you additional customers to your restaurant. 

As a chef, you’ll have a take-home salary of around $53,380 annually – all for putting food in people’s bellies. Your responsibilities cover choosing dishes to serve, directing the kitchen staff over food-related issues, and overseeing the daily food preparation.

  1. Fitness Instructors

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, it might be time to let your passion earn you some cash. As a fitness instructor, your main job is meeting clients at health clubs, gyms, or wherever you agree on. Then, you teach your clients what you already do, including strength training, cardiovascular exercises, weightlifting, stretching, and others. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to become a fitness trainer, but it doesn’t hurt to get one.

While you may not need a degree, you need a high level of knowledge concerning health and fitness. You also need to know enough about nutrition; getting certified in emergency first aid is highly recommended. This job records a 39% increase in hiring, giving it some of the highest jobs hiring rates.

Despite the popular notion that there are no good jobs, highly lucrative jobs are springing up, especially work from home jobs. Many of these jobs don’t require you to get an education in the four walls of a college lecture theater. However, skills are non-negotiable, although some provide on-the-job training for newbies. We listed jobs that have high hiring rates, which are expected to go even higher in 2022.