How to Choose a Name for Your Real Estate Business


If you have decided to set up a real estate company, one of the first things you will need is a name for it. Because many other businesses may be operating in the same niche, you should be prepared to face steep competition. You should choose a name that is attention-grabbing, memorable and reflects your unique identity. Some of the tip things to consider while choosing a name for your real estate company:

Project Your Niche

Since the real estate sector has several niches, it is usually better for a startup to focus on serving customers in a particular niche, as you will be able to make your mark faster with your expertise and domain knowledge. You could also be looking to serve customers in a specific geographical area to differentiate yourself from the competition. The name you choose must reflect the niche in which you are operating. It will boost the confidence of the target audience that you are a niche specialist.

Research Your Competitors

Before settling on a specific name for your business, you should research what you are up against. You need to avoid selecting a name similar to your competitors as it will confuse potential customers and make it more difficult for you to market yourself. Names for real estate business should be unique while staying relevant to the sector and the niche. A unique business name will also make it possible for you to trademark it

Keep the Name Simple

The business name should also be simple because it allows potential customers to understand it without any problem. According to Forbes, while you can be creative, keeping the service in mind will help to avoid confusing customers. One of the tests of a simple name is that it must be easy to pronounce and spell. If the name is complicated to pronounce, it will prevent people from using it. It is important to avoid words from foreign cultures as most people will not be able to relate to them. You should try to keep the business name within three words. Some of the most memorable business names are only one word long.

Ensure Availability of URL

In the contemporary marketing environment, you must have a website for your business, as it is usually the first thing potential customers turn to when looking for information. Due to its critical importance, you must make sure that a domain name with the name of your business is available. If you find the domain name under popular TLDs like .com, org, and .net already taken, you can consider other TLDs. You can also tweak the business name so it becomes different from the existing ones and enable you to make it more compelling without losing your identity.


Even though choosing a name for your real estate company is certainly no rocket science, balancing all the considerations can be tough and takes time and effort. It can be a good idea to turn to name generators easily available online to get thousands of suggestions that you can use for inspiration to come up with a smart, simple, and unique name for your real estate company.