A Comprehensive Guide on Prepaid Gift Cards

prepaid MasterCard

Giving gifts to near and dear ones brings a smile to their faces and makes your heart content. From physical gifts to digital gifts, technology has transformed the whole culture of gift-giving into a more practical approach without compromising on its sophisticated innuendos. Gifting chocolate or a soft toy mostly depends on the giver’s choice rather than the recipient’s. But digital gift cards have fixed that issue too! 

Gifting a prepaid MasterCard or visa card gives the recipient a choice to buy what they like. For example, a prepaid card can be used to make purchases in all shops or outlets where the MasterCard is approved or accepted. This means one can use a MasterCard gift card to buy shoes, order food, fill gas, or enrol for an online class if the service providers accept a MasterCard. The gift cards can also be used to shop online and, thus, are more in demand among the tech-savvy generation.

The gift cards inevitably allow the recipient to choose what to purchase, unlike the physical presents that are purely based on the giver’s choice. The prepaid gift cards give more freedom of choice to the recipients without letting the giver pull a nerve and staying well within their budget. 

Also, a gift card can be personalised by the giver by accessorising the card with pictures and an accompanying message in addition to the amount they want to give to the recipient. A custom greeting card can also be sent along with a prepaid gift card to show one’s love and affection towards dear ones.

There are two prepaid gift cards: VISA gift cards and MasterCard gift cards. There are several differences between a VISA card and a MasterCard. They offer different rewards and benefits to users and have varying terms of usage. The security schemes of both cards are also different. 

How to Activate the Prepaid MasterCard

1. Call the Toll-Free Number

There is a toll-free phone number on the back of the gift card. One has to call this number to activate this card. Later, enter the gift card numbers using the phone keypad, and the card will be activated.

2. Connect With the Cashier

Inform the cashier that the payment will be made using the gift card before swiping the card. Select the gift card option on the swiping machine for self-swipe outlets and make the payment. Even for online shopping, the gift card option has to be selected while making the payment.

How to Check the Balance of a Prepaid Gift Card

To check the balance of the prepaid MasterCard gift card, one has to visit the official website of the retailer that has issued the gift card. Register the card and get the login information you can later use to check the balance. It would be embarrassing to swipe a gift card that gets declined due to insufficient balance. Some companies also have a personalised and dedicated mobile software application which can be used to check the balance details of the gift card. The companies that offer prepaid cards can be approached online or offline. One can check the balance by calling the toll-free number on the back of the card.

Final Thoughts

A gift card is an excellent way to spend on shopping when one wants to limit expenses. It is a win-win situation for everyone as both parties enjoy a sophisticated bout of freedom that doesn’t let either party burn a hole in their pockets.