How Does Salesforce Reward Your Business?

Salesforce partners in Australia

Australia is undoubtedly one of the leading countries in the world and majorly because it implements advanced technology. This is evident in its great use of Salesforce CRM. Around 118 Salesforce partners in Australia offer incredible services catered to the audience’s needs. IDC’s new global reports talk about Australia’s notable performance in terms of Salesforce. Australia has resulted in a total growth of around AUD 48.6 billion. Here comes the point, how is Salesforce beneficial in businesses? Why would anyone opt for Salesforce CRM instead of its competitors?

To understand this, you need to understand what Salesforce is. 

What is Salesforce?

To begin with, Salesforce is a cloud computing SaaS or Software as a Service CRM tool used by many companies. Salesforce is a hub of diverse apps, and over 80% of companies worldwide use at least one of them. Salesforce is currently the most popular and widely used CRM tool in the world, with a market share as high as 23.8% (as of 2021). 

Salesforce plays a primary role in how organisations have incorporated advanced strategies and enjoy faultless client interactions. Some popular Salesforce products are Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Community Cloud, and so on. 

How is Salesforce Benefitting Business? 

Salesforce is known to accelerate businesses in different ways. This platform offers many effective, efficient, and streamlined products. Let us study some of its benefits.


With Salesforce, businesses will experience a 360-degree view of their clients and customers across diverse touchpoints. This CRM is noted for its user-friendly and accessible nature, making interacting with customers even better. It is because of Salesforce that perceiving customers has become seamless. Additionally, collaborating with different stakeholders also becomes easier. 


One great part about Salesforce is its ability to customise according to the organisation’s needs. This CRM tool facilitates abundant customisations like adding numerous modules or fields, modifying workflows, creating sales procedures, streamlining work mechanisms, and all of these in just a single click. Now, this is another level of automation, isn’t it? 

Cloud-Based Prototype

One of the advantages of using this CRM tool is utilising the cloud-based models. The Salesforce partners in Australia are leveraging the cloud-based structure to implement a premium level of adaptability. The best part about a cloud system is that it can be accessed anywhere, regardless of the time. 

Abundant Features 

Salesforce is renowned for offering abundant features like customer data platform, engagement, account engagement, intelligence, personalisation, etc. It caters to all business conditions and is favourable for different business niches and domains.

Methodical Reporting 

It is highly beneficial for offering significant insight into the enterprise details. Furthermore, it aids in a faster decision-making process.


The features offered by Salesforce are immensely practical since it offers organisations the liberty to alter the CRM tool based on their necessities. Therefore, businesses can now revamp their strategies based on the changing trends and updates and accelerate their growth accordingly. 

AppExchange Ecosystem

Salesforce has its own app development and exchange platform named as AppExchange. This app comprises both paid and free apps amounting to more than 2800. Some of them are MailChimp, Xerox, Quickbooks, DocuSign, AdobeSign, and so on. 

Salesforce partners in Australia are plentiful, but you need to look for the one that offers premium quality services and the correct budget. Find a partner online or through referrals that will devise their Salesforce solution catering to the requirement of the business.