Buying Guide for Shot Glasses

Vodka in a glass and decanter on a white background

Custom shot glasses might be a terrific freebie for your attendees if your company throws parties and events that involve alcohol. These branded things will not only reinforce your brand with individuals in attendance, but they will also continue to market for your organization. The majority of customers who receive shot glasses will retain them for a long time and will be reminded of your business every time they use them.

So you’re not a shot aficionado and don’t know the difference between different types of shot glasses or all of the possibilities. That’s fine; below is a quick rundown of all the many types of shot glasses bulk, and the various materials & sizes available. Don’t think shot glasses are made of glass just because they’re called that. Acrylic, plastic, ceramic, glass, and even stainless steel are just some of the materials available.

Types of Shot Glasses

Basic Shot Glasses

This form of the shot glass is familiar to everyone, whether they drink or not. This is a standard, tapered shot glass that ranges in size from 1.25 to 1.5 ounces, with 1.5 ounces being the most popular size for a basic shot glass because a shot is normally this size. They can be created out of any material. You can’t go wrong with this selection if you’re searching for a simple shot glass with your logo on it. These are unquestionably the most popular option.

Tall Shot Glasses

Shots are commonly served in tall shot glasses at nightclubs because the tall shot glasses look to hold a lot more liquor than they do. Shots in a tall shot glass are also thought to be a little classier than shots in a standard shot glass, therefore higher costs can be charged on shots in a tall shot glass, along with the illusion of much more liquor.

These are sometimes referred to as shooters, but they weren’t to be confused with test tube-style shooters. About 2 ounces of alcohol is held in most tall shot glasses. Because of their height, tall glasses are so much easier to spill, so if the spillage is a concern, seek other styles. This is the shot glass to choose from if you prefer a more traditional look than a standard shot glass.

Novelty Shot Glasses

Sometimes you need to take a bold step away from the norm and go for something that may spark some discussion. Shot glasses with a twist can let you achieve just that. These come in a variety of shapes, including a little beer mug, mason jar, red celebration cup, boot, champagne flutes, and other oddly shaped items. The majority of these have a smaller capacity, holding approximately 1-1.5 ounces. If you can discover a form that complements your company or a range of items that you sell, this is a terrific marketing chance to spark conversation and increase the likelihood that the receivers will remember your firm.

Glow and Light-Up Shot Glasses

For those that want to get down and dirty and host a party, these light-up shot glasses are the way to go. For the younger, yet legal, generations, these are more popular. Some of the luminous shot glasses are intended for one-time usage and glow for about 4-6 hours once activated. Others, like the LED light-up shot glasses, feature an on/off switch and thus are battery-operated, making them reusable and lasting a long time. Which choice you choose will be determined by your available funds. This light-up style is sure to draw a lot of attention to your logo, which is printed on the side and radiates out to the rest of the partygoers.