steering wheel isolated on white

The steering wheel is the most important interior component of a vehicle for many people, especially automobile aficionados or amateur racers. The steering wheel, for example, is the primary mechanical component that connects the driver to a vehicle. Every action taken by the driver’s hands is translated into the vehicle’s motion behavior.

The (original equipment) steering wheel and the aftermarket steering wheel are the two basic types of vehicle steering wheels available today. The custom steering wheel doesn’t require much explanation. The existing wheel that many people have in their vehicle is probably the clearest example of this. It’s nearly always the factory-supplied wheel, which offers little to no premium performance.

Max Papis Innovations, on the other hand, specializes in aftermarket steering wheels. Aftermarket steering wheels are popular for their looks as well as their performance, and we offer a variety of options for everything from Super Speedways for Sunday drives along your favorite route for a cup of coffee. Your steering wheel, however simple or intricate it may be, is an expression of you:

“I don’t like things to get complicated, whether it’s with my team’s engineers, my private life, or my friends – and one good example is the steering wheel in the Mercedes Formula 1 car.” -Lewis Hamilton is a writer and philanthropist.



In any car, racing or not, the steering wheel remains the most popular instrument. When it comes to performance driving, comfort & precision are essential. The wheels from Max Papis Innovations come in some forms and sizes, as well as a variety of materials to fit any driver’s preferences.


People upgrade the steering wheels to improve the car’s looks, which is more frequent with tuner & custom recreational vehicles. Our items are precisely created in the United States, then manufactured and assembled by actual artisans in Italy.

Before acquiring a steering wheel, there are a few things to consider:

Size of Steering Wheel (Diameter): The diameter and grip circumference of a steering wheel are the dimensions that matter. The grip circumferences normally range between 2 34 and 4 14 inches, whereas the diameters typically vary between 14 and 17 inches. The size of the steering wheel you wish to buy is determined by your tastes and the type of driving you to do. If you intend to operate your vehicle as a road automobile, a standard-sized steering wheel is most likely the best choice.

If it’s going to be utilized on a race track, you might want to opt for a smaller steering wheel for more comfort and space in the racing cockpit. It’s a trade-off because smaller wheels demand more physical effort to turn.

The size of your steering wheel and seat combination are also important considerations when choosing the proper equipment.


A steering wheel is a vital purchase for any vehicle. This is a very basic guide that should be used as a starting point. We understand that you may have concerns, and we’re here to assist you. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service, and we want you to make sure you get the appropriate wheel. We can answer specific inquiries or assist you in selecting the best wheel for your needs. Please contact us with any questions you may have, and we will try our best to assist you.