Exploring the Various Types of Photography with Ram Chary Everi


What was once a luxury, is now a commonly practiced activity, and even an extremely sought-after profession. With the ease of availability of the good quality camera in the android and iPhone, the popularity of photography has gone to a completely new level. Ram Chary Everi practices photography as a freelancer while being a graphic designer professionally from Boston.

For all creative minds, photography is a great way to present your perspective to the world. For those who have an inclination towards exploration too, photography can prove to be a great friend. Photography helps capture not just a moment of life, but also an expression that one might like to remember and want others to remember always as well.

Hence it is often referred to as ‘freezing time’. However, to be able to do so, one needs to have knowledge of the subject and that should start with the various categories of photography that are present. As they say, old is gold, so is the back and white form of photography. Popularly known as ‘monochrome photography’, this style seems to lend depth to every photograph and ignites a sense of appreciation from all. In this style, special emphasis is given to light falling on the subject along with various shades of grey and black surrounding it.

Portrait photography again is another ancient form of photography that was intended to capture the photograph of individuals or groups of people as well as pets with various backdrops. Following closely with this genre is the modern-day ‘selfie’. The only difference is that the one taking the photograph is the one who is the subject. The rave for this newfound activity has led to the growth of dedicated spaces of restaurants, parks, or even shopping malls for this purpose, called the ‘selfie zone’, where people come and take photographs of themselves and their loved ones.

Event or wedding photography is the next popular genre. The approach of photographers at these ceremonies has greatly altered with time. Now they want to tell a story through the images clicked at various locations and innumerable poses of all the people attending the event. However, since these events are in most cases an extremely valuable time for one, the photographer chosen is a highly qualified one.

Ram Chary Everi, dedicates as much time as possible to his passion for photography and indulges in a lot of bird and environmental photography, while also closely following photography events such as the last World’s Coolest Winter Photography held in UAE. He also shares his knowledge on the various forms of photography through his blogs which are highly informative.

Similar to painting, photography helps one put out their perspective of a particular aspect for others to understand and appreciate. It is the same as looking at the same old everyday apple in a new light, from a new angle. And the best part of this form of expression is that there is no right or wrong attached to it, whereby one could be absolutely content with whatever feedback they get for their work.