Tips for Keeping Your CPAP Machine in Good Condition


Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that occurs when breathing stops periodically during sleep. If left untreated, people with sleep apnea disorder repeatedly feel obstruction or stop breathing during sleeping at night.

Sleep Apnea can cause a lack of oxygen to the brain and other body parts and further physical complications. It can also worsen other health conditions and disorders. But it can be successfully treated with CPAP therapy. To get a good CPAP experience, you need to buy the best CPAP Machine & Mask in Dallas, TX.

CPAP machines can be lifesavers, which is why keeping them in best class functioning condition should be a priority for people with sleep apnea. Here are some helpful ways to maintain your CPAP machine:

Emphasize Its Importance

It involves mindset and groundwork rather than actual maintenance procedures. The CPAP machine provides effective therapy for sleep apnea disorder. Always read the manual to know the operating method, remember troubleshooting methods fundamentals, and call a professional if any glitch or fault occurs with the machine. If something goes wrong with the device, a little awareness can help you.

Unplug Before Cleaning

Whenever you want to clean the CPAP machine, make sure it is turned off and unplugged. This is basic safety, but people can get hurt when they clean a machine that is plugged in.

Clean the Tubing

Regularly check and clean the tubing of the CPAP machine. It is best to do this frequently, preferably in the morning, before things get too busy. Inspect tubing for any cracks and damage. Remove the tube from the machine and then wash it with lukewarm soapy water. Let it dry at normal room temperature to be ready for use by bedtime. Save it from direct sunlight exposure as high temperatures will damage the tubing.

Clean CPAP Mask and Machine

The CPAP mask should also be kept clean to prevent bacteria growth and residue deposition. The gentle cleaning process depends on the variety of masks. Usually, the mask should be disassembled and its parts should be cleaned with warm, mild soapy water or ResMed CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. They should be washed meticulously and allowed to dry at normal temperature during the day.

Chinstraps and headgear should be hand-washed with warm soapy water and air-dried.

Clean the Water Chamber

Water Chamber also needs frequent cleaning. Rinse the chamber with warm soapy water every morning and then clean water.

Do a more thorough cleaning once a week. For this, use a blended solution of vinegar and water or any CPAP cleaner and sanitizer; let the solution sit in the chamber for a while before draining and rinse out the chamber with clean water.

When cleaning the water chamber, avoid any leakage onto the rest of the CPAP machine parts.

This is important because the chamber provides the necessary moisture to prevent irritation from over-drying. Remember, this is the air the patient inhales, so the water chamber must remain clean.