Hiring PHP Developers For Web Development: A Comprehensive Guide

hire php developer for web development

No doubt, PHP is an omnipresent language on the internet today. The programming language has been in the industry for years now but still can dominate the web development spectrum for years. Hence, irrespective of, if you have a small or an enterprise-level project, PHP will be the ultimate choice for businesses.

Having said that, anyone looking for a robust, scalable or customizable application will opt for PHP as a scripting language. Though, in the end, what matters is the developers you hire. This is why it is advisable to hire PHP developers with years of experience in the domain so that they bring expected results to the table with optimum agility.

When you set out to hire dedicated developers for your web development project, you will be overwhelmed by the available options. There are over 5 million PHP developers in the market. The task of picking the best ones becomes daunting for a person who is not much into technicalities.

We are today discussing a few tips that will help you hire the best PHP developers for your project.

PHP From Market Perspective

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages and empowers almost 45% of applications all over the internet. Out of all the versions of PHP, PHP 5.6 is one of the decent coding languages. It indicates that PHP is one of the increasingly used server-side programming languages, and developers will continue to use it.

Having said that, it is expected to have a lasting and positive impact on the development industry. If you want to hire dedicated PHP developers, keep reading to discover.

Must-Have Skills of PHP Developers

The quality of your project will depend greatly on the skills and expertise of the developer you hire. Furthermore, your job will not be only limited to hiring PHP developers. While looking for PHP developers for your business, you should look for their command of working on different kinds of projects.

Additionally, they should also have amazing problem-solving skills and analytical skills to ensure the best. Besides, the PHP developers are expected to know certain other frameworks like Symfony, Codeigniter, Joomla, etc.

Following are the few skills that PHP developers should have.

  • Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs)
  • Familiarity with the development tools, libraries, and frameworks
  • Knowledge of the control systems like SVN/Git
  • Practical business communication skills
  • Adequate knowledge of CMS like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress
  • Knowledge of the PHP programming language and the ability to deal with multiple projects

Roles And Responsibilities For PHP Developers

When hired for a project, the PHP developers are expected to perform several tasks to help your business achieve objectives. They should also take responsibility as far as web development is concerned.

Find below some roles and responsibilities of the PHP developers.

  • Accomplishing projects within the deadline
  • Working in cooperation with the team and stakeholders as per requirements
  • Adding features as and when required to the existing applications
  • Developing and Deploying web applications
  • Enhancing their skills by keeping themselves updated with trending programming technologies
  • Resolving the compatibility issues of several platforms, program versions, and software

Types of PHP Developers

When it comes to hiring PHP developers for your project, based on the tasks you want to perform, you can hire developers of different levels. Vastly, PHP developers are classified into three major categories based on their knowledge, experience, and expertise. Know your requirements well to make a highly suitable choice.


The developers at this phase have just started their careers, and are starting their journey in the web development spectrum. Being new in their career, they are only aware of the basics. They will need proper guidance from skilled developers so that they can learn skills and capabilities. You can hire beginner-level PHP developers for straightforward and medium-level projects.

They have basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, and similar other programming languages that they should know for the project. They also have working knowledge of CMS, at least a PHP framework, function, and MVC design pattern.


If you have requirements that outweigh the skills of a beginner developer, you will have to look for mid-level PHP developers. Such developers possess more knowledge compared to the beginner level and are capable enough to handle more responsible tasks. They have experience working on several different such projects and can build web apps, independently.

For some very complex features they may need guidance, otherwise can work on developing their web apps on their own. Mid-level developers know multiple PHP frameworks, code troubleshooting, implementing various databases, working on enhancing the performance of applications, and much more.


You will have to hire more skilled PHP developers if you want to hire developers for more complex tasks. Go for expert-level developers. Expert developers are competent enough to handle web development and work excellently in specific areas. They can also use the latest development technologies to build robust applications.

Furthermore, they also suggest which features to add and enhance the security code of the developed product. Expert developers possess expertise in advanced development technology that includes PHP for machine learning and IoT. If you need a vetted developer for your project, hire dedicated PHP developers.

Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers

PHP has an enormous share in the market which means that web applications built on PHP have a great demand. Following are the few benefits that your business gets to obtain when you hire a PHP developer for your project.

  • Programmers with the required skills and qualifications
  • Better professionalism in the applications developed
  • Massive return on investment made
  • Follow a business-oriented strategy
  • Better turnaround time on the tasks allocated


PHP is one of the most effective solutions when it comes to picking a programming language for the development of web applications. The task of hiring web developers is overwhelming at times for businesses. There are no hard and fast rules for hiring PHP developers, but if you follow a few suggestions, you will save yourself from experiencing unnecessary obstacles while hiring PHP developers. Grasp ideas from our article, apply them in real life, and hire PHP developers to take your project to the next level.