How Can Parents Make their Children Feel Loved & Valued


Your children need your undivided attention, love, and time. Since you are the parents, you will be the most important influence they will have in their life. As a parent, you are responsible for making them feel secure and to help them build confidence and self-worth.

There are several rituals that you can make part of your family life to make a positive impact in their life. Even when you are super-busy on your children’s important days, such as their birthdays, you can show your care and love for your child by availing of the Kids Birthday Party Packages queens ny, and making your child feel loved and cared for.

You can incorporate several things into your daily life to make your children feel valued and cared for.

Pay Attention

Your children want your attention. So, you will want to be fully present when your children want to talk to you. You will want to adopt the right body language by stopping whatever you are doing while listening to your children. Maintaining eye contact is as important as turning to them and giving them your complete attention.

Be Affectionate

As a parent, you wouldn’t want to hold yourself back when showing affection to your kids. You will want to hug your children and kiss them on the cheek every day. Hug them in the morning and kiss them goodnight while tucking them into the bed.

A kid’s self-esteem is directly connected with how good their relationship and communication with their parents is. So, the stronger and more affectionate relationship you will have with your child, the better adults they will become as they will have fewer psychological and behavioral problems.

Praise them Genuinely

Another ritual you will want to incorporate into your family life is genuinely praising your children. When it comes to praising your child, the quality of the praise is more important than the quantity of the praise.

As a parent, you will want to let your child know when you are truly proud of them, especially when your children make an effort to make you happy or to help you with something. It is important to mention that you should avoid praising your children for everything they do.

Instead, you will want to use praise as a way to recognize the things that are not ordinary, especially when they are working to achieve a milestone.

Establish Rituals at Bedtime

If you have a busy day routine, you can make the most of the time when preparing your children to sleep. You can utilize this time to make up for the day that you have been busy juggling jobs and chores.

By creating bedtime rituals, you can use this as an ideal time to connect and unwind with your children. Ideally, you will want to snuggle with your children and read a bedtime story together. You can also take the time to ask them about their day and share about your day.

This way, you will leave your children happy, valued, and cared for, even when you have been busy throughout the day.