How to choose an OB/GYN during your pregnancy

choose an during your pregnancy

During pregnancy searching for an OB/GYN can be a very challenging task. This is the decision of the mother where we really can’t afford to make any mistake. It is a lot like choosing a friend for the nine months where this companion is responsible for your and your child’s well-being. What are the golden rules when you are trying to choose an OB/GYN? The answer would be research, research, research! It is not just enough to check out online reviews, you can ask friends and family and ask around about your shortlisted OB/GYN. Look into their credentials and see if their specialties fit your needs. You can go for a consultation and check out if you feel comfortable with the OB/GYN as your comfort matters the most because you would want to have a healthy relationship with your OB/GYN. Nowadays you can go for a virtual gynecologist appointment if you cannot go to a clinic physically.

This article explores a few of the most important factors you need to keep in mind while choosing an OB/GYN.

Referrals from friends

One of the safest ways to find doctors is to choose an obstetrician based on your friend’s good words. With a friend, you can get an honest answer to all your questions and what to expect from your OB/GYN. If a friend had a baby recently, reach out to them and ask about their experience with their OB/GYN. Make sure you ask all questions so that you can have a clear picture of what to expect and what not to. Keep in mind that your friend’s experience with their OB/GYN may be completely different as you and she are different people with different needs. Try to evaluate her perspective and keep in mind what areas you may differ from her.

Know about the doctors availability at the delivery time

You would want your OB/GYN to be there no matter when you are having a baby…right? You may need to check the policy of the hospital or clinic on that. Although most OB/GYN would attend deliveries no matter when they happen but some do not attend if it’s in the middle of the night. In such cases, your doctor will not leave you to fend for yourself. Instead, there would be a doctor on-call who will take care of you until they are on duty. Some new mothers will like to see a familiar face at the delivery so make special efforts to look at their delivery attendance. Turn down doctors who have a strict attendance hour if you feel that might worry you.

Does gender matter?

Consider whether the gender of your OB/GYN matters or not when looking for the right doctor for you. This can save you months of discomfort if you figure it out before starting your search. Some women are more comfortable with female obstetricians. Knowing if you are among them is important in looking for a doctor. You might think that a female doctor may understand you better or just that you are more comfortable sharing such intimate information with a female doctor rather than a male. No matter what it is, be honest about your needs and then choose a doctor. 

Research credentials

When looking for OB/GYN credentials are very important. It gives a good idea of your doctor’s experience. You can look into their past employers to get a sense of their experience. The more experience they have as an obstetrician,  the better for you. We tend to give the age of a doctor as a mark of experience and efficiency but we need to keep in mind that a younger doctor could be equally potent at their job as an older doctor. Just you need to know who the person is before you put your and your baby’s health into their hands.

Examine your personal needs

When you are looking for a doctor, you need to think about what makes you comfortable. If you feel more comfortable with someone specific than others, consider it. You can take OB GYN online consultation to get a feel of the process. Look for doctors who have the attributes important for you. . Looking for an OB/GYN based on your interest is not selfish , after all, it is your pregnancy and you need to be at peace and on the same page with your doctor.

Double check your insurance and proximity to your home

The most important thing you should not miss is if your insurance covers the hospital or clinic you are consulting at.  The best choice is to find out if they do cover and make sure they are in your area. You should always choose a clinic which is not very far from your home and you can drive or take public transport which won’t require much traveling.