How to Protect Your Garden


Many people have given plenty of thought to how they should improve the security and protection of their homes. This might involve making sure that fire prevention systems or burglar alarms are installed appropriately. However, a great way to discourage intrusions and keep your property safe is to start with the outdoor space. If you have a garden on your property, then you can make the most of it and use it to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

Why Protect Your Garden?

There are several meanings you can take from the notion of protecting your garden. One of these is to do with preventing unwanted people from entering your property. Another is regarding the maintenance and health of the garden itself, such as the plants and furniture. As an extension of your home, it is just as important to protect your garden as your indoor residence. You can also use your outdoor space as another layer of protection for your home.

Fences and Walls

The first line of defense against intruders to your property is to choose a sufficient boundary, such as a stone fence or a wall. Although this won’t always be enough to put off every potential burglar, it will make it more difficult for one to break into your home. On top of this, a good fence or wall will dissuade a would-be burglar if it is too difficult to climb or break through. This is why quality materials with high levels of sturdiness are best for the job.

Security Systems

A lot of the population has some form of indoor security system, such as an alarm for their front door or an access code. However, this can be extended to the outdoor space for added peace of mind. For example, security cameras that record the various entry points to your property, such as your driveway or front path, can give you some valuable confidence in the safety of your household. Sensors can also alert the authorities to an intrusion, as well as motion-sensitive lighting. Making passers-by aware of your use of security systems can sometimes be enough to deter them from messing with your property, so have visible signage to alert them to the fact that, should they commit a crime against your property, they will be found guilty and there will be evidence against them.

Uninviting and Difficult Access

You can use your garden to protect your property by making its boundaries as difficult to penetrate as possible. If, for example, you need overnight security, a specially trained guard dog can be an ideal deterrent around the boundary. For your home, spiky and itchy plants such as holly or poison ivy around the borders can make it unpleasant for people to try and break in. The harder it is for a potential burglar to gain access to your property, the less likely you are to experience a break-in.

These tips are just a starting point for you to find more ways of keeping your garden and your home as safe as possible.