Tips For Women Facing Complications In Pregnancy


Pregnancy itself can be a very tough time for most women. However, some women face complications more than usual that put the life of the mother and the baby at risk. Complicated pregnancies need to be handled with great care and the cases should be referred to the most experienced obstetrician only.  

A woman who is experiencing complications in her pregnancy should take extra precautions during the nine months for the safety of the baby and herself as well. Here are effective tips to help pregnant ladies cope with the complications they are facing.

1. Take Medicines Regularly

Your doctor will notify you instantly when she senses any kind of complication in your pregnancy. Some of the common complications include,

  • Spotting or bleeding during the first trimester
  • Hypertension
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Low levels of amniotic fluid, etc

Your midwife will suggest medicines according to your complication. Make sure you are consistent with your medicines. Any negligence may harm you or your baby. If you want to avoid serious consequences, make sure you are regular with your appointment and medication. 

2. Watch Your Weight

The weight of the mother-to-be has a lot to do with the health of the baby. Make sure that you are keeping a healthy weight. You should consult a dietician for healthy weight management. You are certainly going to gain weight as the pregnancy proceeds, however, the ratio should be consistent and within limits. 

Being overweight during pregnancy can cause complications during childbirth as well. However, you should also keep in mind that being underweight is not favorable either. It can lead to malnutrition and poor development of the baby. 

3. Keep An Eye On Your Vitals

Make sure that you are managing your vitals such as your blood pressure, blood sugar level, and other things that might be running out of proportion in your body. 

Invest in a BP apparatus and a glucometer so that you can check your readings at home. You should also adopt healthy eating patterns and keep yourself physically active to maintain your vitals. 

4. Rest More Than Normal

If you have a complicated pregnancy, you might need to rest more than normal. Your midwife will advise you on the things that you should avoid, and activities that should continue to keep your pregnancy as healthy as possible. 

You might need to lie down several times a day. You should also avoid excessively hot or cold environments, depending on the issue you are facing. 

5. Be Attentive Towards Yourself

You should be extremely cautious and attentive toward your body, especially when you are already diagnosed with some complications during your pregnancy. You should know your body and how it is responding to the growing baby. 

If you feel anything unusual, consult your midwife immediately. Ignoring small issues can result in devastating results. You should be able to distinguish between normal pains and abnormal pains. Make sure that you are keeping your midwife informed about the several things you are experiencing, even if you think they are minor.