Humanize Your Brand Using 7 Simple Steps

Humanize Your Brand Using 7 Simple Steps

For every business, marketer and corporate executive, humanizing their brand is a necessity for building up trust and confidence among potential customers. It will help connect with the customers and community and secure a strategic advantage over your competitors. It is also a part of your search engine optimization strategy that will help your brand to be relatable to humans.

Social media networking is an important marketing strategy and humanizing your brand improves your social media presence. Make your digital presence stronger with effective strategies and minimal effort, buy instagram followers and start your journey to success with Socialwick. You can put across your company’s mission and obtain brand recognition. This will help you to gain more traffic, generate leads, attract potential customers and retain them with growing revenue. Here are some simple steps for humanizing your brand and ensuring long- term growth of your business.

Use your employees to promote your brand

Surely most of your employees will be active on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others. Use your employees to promote your brand through social media and represent them as the face of your company. However, make sure that they don’t get you involved in any political or religious controversies. Forming a thought- leadership team or encouraging employees to share content of the company will also boost your humanizing effort.

Customized automated marketing

Every contact with your leads or customers should be personalized. Implement automated strategies to send out personalized messages and emails to potential customers. This will help in familiarizing your brand with the audience. You can also send non-promotional content that is similar to what they previously searched for. Build up an emotional connection with your customers.

Write with a sense of humour

No customer wants to read boring and old-fashioned content containing complex words. Make sure that your content contains a lot of humour or human emotions that will gain massive readership. Keep your blog posts and content simple so that people can understand your message easily.

Send letters to loyal and new customers

Show your appreciation by sending thank you letters to the customers after their purchase. You can send special offers to regular and loyal buyers. You can also send out welcome postcards or T- shirts to customers to win their hearts. Send e- mails to current and past buyers during festivals or occasions and show your gratitude. This is another way of making your audience see your human side and establish the fact that you care about your customers.

Admit your mistakes and share your failures

Things can go wrong sometimes but remaining silent on it or not responding to it will infuriate the customers. Don’t be ashamed of your mistakes, admit them and apologize to your customers. If you go wrong, reassure the customers that you will fix it quickly. Customers will appreciate this approach and forgive you for your mistakes.

Similarly, share stories of your failure along with your success stories. This is because your audience will relate more to your failure stories. Write about the personal stories or life lessons that you have learned. You can also share stories about the hurdles you have faced and how you overcame those situations. But make sure that you don’t mention about the bugs in your software or about lack of motivation etc.

Make use of your prospective staffs

Use some of your prospective employees to market your brand. Introduce the people working backstage to promote your company. This will help in building trust among potential buyers.

Display relatable and funny photos of your employees: Sharing funny pictures of employees to your audience will create the impression that your company is not full of business people but intelligent, fun-loving and smart people who are always ready to help you at any time.

Use real photos of people who work in your company: Display photos of your employees on your site, in your About us page or Career page. Mention the name and also post an image of the author who writes the content. Post albums of your company’s events on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

Employ a community or social manager

With the help of a community manager or social manager you can come up with creative and new ideas to engage with customers.

Organize local events: Entrust the task of conducting events or programs to promote your brand. This is a method of creating brand awareness among potential buyers. It provides an opportunity to interact with your customers and know what they expect from your company.

Set up an online community: Create an online community on social media. It is important to create good bonding, which will help you gain more leads and customers.

Use user-generated content: This will help to humanize your brand and also get your customers excited.

Humanizing your brand is thus an effective way of connecting and building a good relationship with your target audience. If you are looking to improve your brand image and create brand awareness, search engine optimization services can prove very useful. They provide social media optimization services ensuring you have a solid presence on all major social media platforms. Experienced in this field, these service providers will also employ all tactics necessary to humanize your brand and help you reach out to more customers.