Jonah Engler – Why Your Child Needs a Night Light?


Night lights are a highly useful night accessory to have in a room. They are used by both kids and adults as they provide a sense of comfort while one sleeps. These lights are mellow and set the environment for a night of comfortable sleep. 

Kids who are growing up and move to their own rooms often do need a night light to feel comfortable at night. When they transition into sleeping alone in their own space, it can be difficult for them to adjust. This is also the age when kids get introduced to the concept of fear and anxiety.  Getting a kids’ night light for them ensures that this transition becomes a little easier and more comfortable for them. 

Still not convinced whether your kid needs a night light? Keep reading to find out more about its benefits! says Jonah Engler.

Your Child Will Sleep Better

As per Jonah Engler the biggest benefit of getting a night lamp for kids is that they sleep more peacefully. The mellow night light calms them down and helps them fall asleep. It creates a calm and relaxing ambiance that allows them to drowse off immediately. 

Moreover, the night lights also ensure that your child doesn’t experience disrupted sleep. The consistent light and environment prevent any disturbance to their senses. 

Night Lights Help with Night Anxiety

When kids first start sleeping on their own, they may develop a feeling of fear and anxiety around night and being alone. Night lights become a source of comfort and allow them to cozy up to their new environment. 

Kids who are afraid of the dark especially appreciate such a light. So, if your child is having trouble getting used to sleeping in their own room, we highly recommend getting a kids’ night light for them. If they wake up in the middle of the night or need to go to the loo, the night light will allow them to manage it on their own says  Jonah Engler

Make sure you choose the right type of light for your child. The night light should be one that isn’t too bright or harsh. You can choose a small-sized bulb to be installed in a corner, or you can go with a night lamp that can be placed on your child’s bedside table. There are a variety of options out there in terms of colors, intensity, designs, and sizes. 

Final Thoughts 

Night lights are a very useful tool for parents of kids at a growing age. They help create a comfortable sleeping environment for your child. If you’re looking for good-quality night lights designed for children, you can check out various options online! Apart from adding ambiance to your child’s room, they become a source of comfort in case your child experiences separation anxiety. It is also a great addition if you and your kid enjoy reading bedtime stories together.