Salesforce backup program is very crucial due to the significant impacts of Ransomware


Ransomware is a type of malicious software produced to blackmail a victim into paying a ransom under the threat of publishing compromising information or blocking access to data. In the case of companies, the second option is the most common. The criminal blocks access to the company’s data or systems and demand a payment to release them. 

The latest Ransomware discreetly encrypts the victim’s data, generating a key to decrypt it. If the deadline is over, the ransom amount may increase, or the hackers may delete public data. Thus, it is almost impossible to regain access to this information.

  • Did you know your CRM is at risk from these malicious tools?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In a CRM, such as Salesforce, your company has all the crucial data and information. The data may include customer information, transactions, purchase history, bank details, address, private information, client details, records, etc. Would you run the risk?

  • What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a full-featured cloud platform. It is one of the pioneers implementing the concept of SaaS (software and services). The core function of Salesforce is CRM. The system provides most of the tasks required by CRM by default. Salesforce is also very scalable. 

Administrators can customize the configuration through the setting interface, and developers can conduct secondary development based on Apex language, Visual force framework, Lightning framework, etc.

  • Salesforce System Architecture

Salesforce systems are present in the cloud. The advantage is that users can enter the system for work and development only by using a browser. Salesforce is a Metadata based system. The system separates the service and metadata layers, making the architecture flexible and easy to expand. Salesforce applies to multiple platforms and provides convenience for a mobile office. Salesforce provides an API interface for developers to customize the system.

  • The efficiency of data backup

A full backup backs up all data, so the speed of the backup depends on several factors – number of data records, number of fields, the type of the field, selected API type, network quality, etc. In addition, you may also modify data while backing up. So the longer the backup takes, the more likely the difference between the backed-up data and the current data is.

Hackers have 100 reasons to hack your CRM system. It is a seating duck. Would you like to risk giving away your life’s work? 

There are various ways to protect your CRM. However, one of them is performing a constant backup. Thanks to the Data Management services by Flosum, you can now seat relax, back up, archive, and restore your data at ease. Backing up your data creates another copy of the actual data. Data recovery can save you when you face a severe challenge, such as a cyber attack, accidental data deletion, software upgrade, database corruption, etc. 

  • How can Ransomware affect your business?

Ransomware attacks can damage your business, such as compromising important data — information about projects, finances, or customers can be lost or in the hands of competitors or crooks. 

The IT team will spend so much time understanding what happened, regaining access to data, informing the authorities, and getting back to work routine. It can generate a financial loss. Customers are also in danger. Your information can be hijacked and shared, allowing hackers to commit other crimes. They may also not receive products or services within the stipulated time while your company tries to repair the damage.

  • Data Backup and Recovery Strategy

When developing a Salesforce data recovery and backup strategy, consider the following –

  • Scope of data backup and recovery, which data or all data you need to back up and restore,
  • Versions of data, metadata, documents, etc.,
  • How to minimize the impact of your backup and recovery process on your business,
  • Try to use automatic features that can reduce manual setup steps,
  • Log management for backup and recovery
  • There are three options for data backup.

Full backup backs up all data: The advantage is that the backup contains all the data. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time and takes up a lot of space.

  • Incremental backup: Only backs up altered data since the last full backup. The advantage is high efficiency and a small footprint. It is not efficient when performing complete data recovery.
  • Partial backup: You only back up a part of the data. The advantage is high efficiency. The downside is that data from other details will be missing.
  • How can a data management company help you?

The Salesforce team indeed offers an internal backup process. Although they are very effective, they are not perfect for enterprise-level management. You do not want to take any risk. We suggest you hire data management services (backup, archive, recover, and reuse) from a third-party professional company. 

  • Deliver results with confidence

You get all the tools and flexible, secure, always-on data protection features and benefits to keep your business thriving. This includes persistent backup to advanced recovery, cloud storage, and real-time virtualization.

  • You save both time and money.

The skilled technicians are available 24 x 7, 365 days to assist you. You do not need to worry. As a result, you can give attention to your core business. It automatically backs up your entire data for future data recovery. The company notifies you with each move.

  • Provides advanced data validation

The automatic recovery provides a time-lapse video of the entire recovery boot process. The checks help you understand the root cause and provide your customers with solutions to prevent future data loss and automatic repair.


It is only possible if you perform a periodical data backup. You know that an up-to-date backup is a key to not losing essential files. Then know that it also helps to bypass a Ransomware attack — as the company can recover all the lost data in no time. Now that you know some essential details share these tips on your social networks.