How to Remove Duplicate Files in Google Drive using Duplicate Cleaner

How to Remove Duplicate Files in Google Drive using Duplicate Cleaner

The cloud service Google Drive is preferred among a large user base to upload and save data online. It allows you to store files, folders, videos, images, and all other data to access it from anywhere and everywhere. Along with the cloud service, Google’s documentation like doc files, sheets, etc has made it easier for professionals to create, share and edit data across the globe. But the storage on Drive is limited for users and can be an issue in case of duplicacy of data.

Gone are the times when it was difficult to find out duplicate data and manually delete each of them. But now it is simple just pick the best duplicate photo cleaner software and it can automatically detect the duplicate files on your Google Drive.

Need to Delete Duplicate Data Files from Google Drive?

The storage capacity of Google Drive for users using the free version is up to 15GB. All the Gmail data, Photos, and other Google apps data are stored on Drive. Therefore the storage can be easily exhausted. But the reliability of users on Google Drive has increased over a period of time. Therefore, it becomes necessary to clean your Drive after a certain time interval. The best way to do so is by removing duplicate data from your Drive.

Removing the duplicate data will help you free up the limited available storage to add new data.

How to Remove duplicate Files in Google Drive?

Users can remove the duplicate files from their Google Drive either manually or automatically by using a duplicate photo finder tool. However, the automatic method is highly recommended as it saves a lot of time and effort for users, you can pick the one that fits in well with your needs.

1.  Use Quick Photo Finder Tool to Delete Duplicate Files from Google Drive

Organizing large data can be a task. But having a tool that can run modulus to find the duplicate data and remove it from your Google Drive is now possible.

Quick Photo finder is a tool that is programmed in a unique way to search and remove duplicate pictures. The tool comes with smart algorithms to find identical files and delete them. A few notable features of the tool are as follows:

  • Filter gallery or folders
  • Accurate results
  • Effortless scanning of pictures
  • Saves a lot of time and effort
  • Scan results on the basis of groups
  • Enhanced storage
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

The above-listed and many other features come along with the Quick Photo Finder tool. To use the tool and clean up the duplicate data from your drive refer to the following steps.

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Steps to use Quick Photo Finder Tool

1. Automatic Method to Delete Duplicat Files

Step 1: Download the Quick Photo Finder software from the direct download link below.

Step 2: Install the tool with the help of instructions that appear on your screen.

Step 3: Run the tool and add the pictures or the folder that contains the images to be scanned.

Step 4: Begin the Scan and wait till the scanning process is complete.

Step 5:Select the duplicate pictures and delete them.

Repeat the steps if you have images scattered within different folders or locations. The Quick Photo Finder provides appropriate and reliable results for picture scans in no time. It enables users to declutter their Gallery and Drive storage to add extra storage within their limited capacity.

Although the Quick Photo Finder tool is completely safe to use in case you face any issues and are unable to use the software to delete duplicate images manually. Use the following list of steps to fix the storage issue on your Google Drive and delete duplicate files.

2.  Manual Method to Delete Duplicate Files from Google Drive

Step 1: Log in with your credentials into Google account and open Google Drive.

Step 2: In the top right corner, identify the list view option and select the listicle view for your data on Drive.

Step 3: In many cases, the duplicate data is named as ‘copy of..’. Or find out the files with the same name and numbers corresponding to them.

Step 4: Select all the duplicate files, hold the Control key while you select these files.

Step 5: Select all the duplicate files and once done right-click on them to select the remove option to remove all the selected files.

The above steps can be used to manually find and delete files on your Google Drive.

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We hope the above article helped you fix the storage issue on your Google Drive. Use the Quick Photo finder tool to easily remove duplicate data on your Windows and Mac devices. The tool can help you enhance the performance of your device and add some more fresh data.

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