The Definitive UGG Boots Care Guide.

UGG Boots Care

They are warm, cosy, and unique style statements. UGG boots always offer convenience coupled with a touch of Aussie footwear fashion.

With a global production value of around USD 1400 million, you have the luxury of choosing a variety of UGG footwear. However, after buying these fashion items, the onus is on you to prolong their life span.

Be it Women’s or Men’s UGG boots, proper care habits can augment their overall value. So, to keep your UGG shoes in tip-top shape, ensure you follow these care tips. 

1. Refrain from Soaking Your Boots in Water:

Generally, UGG boots are made from sheepskin. In addition, the manufacturer uses adhesives to bind the different elements together.

Soaking them in water or melted ice can impact the shape of your beloved footwear. In addition, you might see water stains on their surface. Indeed, you wouldn’t want to wear warm footwear with a messed look.

So, avoid wearing UGG boots near water at all costs. If possible, remove snow from their surface instantly.

2. Do Not Use Heat to Clean Your UGGs:

Gadgets like an electric radiator, heater, or hot air dryer can damage the material of UGG boots. Leather or sheepskin boots will fade due to extreme and directed heat.

So, do not use any gadgets that can concentrate heat on your boots. In addition, try to limit the duration under extreme sunlight. This care tip ensures your footwear remains in optimum condition even after a year.

You can put a UGG cleaning solution on a sponge and wipe the boots gently. This technique is more suitable for cleaning purposes.

3. Choose the Right Brush:

Selecting a soft-bristled brush is crucial to clean Women’s or Men’s UGG boots. Using coarse or stiff brushes can lead to those hideous scratches on your footwear.

Generally, you can purchase specialised cleaning sets for UGG boots. These combos are manufactured by considering the material and requirements of UGG shoes.

Also, do not exert excess pressure while brushing the boots. This tip is essential, especially if you buy sheepskin UGG footwear.

4. Invest in Boot Shapers:

You won’t necessarily use UGG boots every season. Generally, these footwears find extensive utility in winters. So, you need to store them in your closet correctly.

Boot shapers are specially designed items that help maintain the shape of UGG footwear. Notably, you can even use them to retain their original form after prolonged storage.

This care tip will prevent the deterioration of UGG shoes and extend their lifespan.

5. Practice Regular Air Drying:

Your UGG boots might be stained, scuffed, or wet. Irrespective of the issue, air drying is a safe option to complete the cleaning process.

Keep your footwear in a well-ventilated room. You can even keep them under a mild sunset and a cold breeze. Air drying is beneficial for cleaning the exterior surface without any negative impact.

In a Nutshell:

Your beloved UGG shoes can prove as long-term assets in your wardrobe. However, to prolong their life, you should follow specific care tips.

Ensure you keep the boots away from water, snow, and heat. Also, invest in a soft brush and custom cleaning solution to maintain your boots. Finally, buying affordable boot shapers can help retain the form of your UGG footwear.

Following all these tips can ensure high returns for your investment. So, you can even consider buying expensive UGG boots on your next shopping spree.